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Full Boarding

Full Boarding for National and International Students

Boarding has always been an integral part of Vinehall life, and we recognise that many working parents need additional support from the school, whilst at the same time giving children the chance to learn the importance of independence with their friends in a safe and caring environment.

For families from further afield, including those living overseas, boarding at Vinehall is made as easy as possible. Staff organise transport to and from airports and offer an escort on the train to and from London for exeats and holidays.

Any boarder needing things such as haircuts, new shoes, or extra storage etc. can be arranged by Matron.

Students are given a school email address through which they can contact their parents at any time, they also have access to their phones for a time-limited period 6 evenings a week (we like to keep Wednesday nights phone free when we do our weekly movie night with popcorn and hot chocolate!).

Individual and small group lessons in English are offered to children for whom English is not a first language.

UKVI - Visas

Vinehall School is a registered Tier 4 sponsor and as such we are able to welcome International students and provide sponsorship to support pupil studies. To ensure the school remains compliant, we have retained the services of Sable Education to ensure all UK immigration applications are prepared in compliance with UKVI requirements. Sable is our trusted partner for all child student and UK Immigration applications. The company has been providing immigration services for over 30 years and is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner.