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Years 1 - 2

In Years 1 and 2 we build on the enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning fostered in the early years.  We have a variety of inspiration learning journey topics which immerse the children in a range of cross-curricular activities. For example, in Year 2 the children explored the topic of ‘Fire, Fire’ and took part in a Fire of London workshop, visited the fire station and made their own fire engines using moving parts.  

High-quality core texts are used as a stimulus for our English sessions which can include role-play, storytelling and text mapping. We aim to link our texts to our stunning natural environment so when Year 1 took a stroll to the pond to find Bog Babies, this led to creative writing and storytelling as well as promoting an understanding of habitats. 

As in Reception, each class benefits from a variety of outings and visitors as well as specialist teachers for French, music, gymnastics, ball skills, swimming and athletics lessons to ensure that high standards are achieved across all curriculum areas. 

Vinehall Pre-Prep is a very happy place in which to work and learn; a team of dedicated and highly motivated staff includes a Learning Support Specialist who helps individuals who have been identified as requiring additional support. As a school, we are committed to professional development which ensures we maintain high standards and provide the best education for the children in our care.