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Q: Can my child trial boarding for a night or two to see if they like it?

A: Yes of course. This can be arranged at any time by emailing the senior houseparent. We also offer annual bubble boarding sessions whereby boarding is opened to each year group individually for a night where we invite the children and their parents to spend an evening as a boarder. After a tour of the boarding house and evening activities, the children can decide whether they want to spend the night or go home.


Q: Can you choose a room? Who do you share with?

A: We always ask children who they would like to share with and which dorm. We don’t promise they will get exactly what they want but we try our best.


Q: What happens if my child is ill?

A: We have a nurse and matron on site every day and a local doctor's surgery. Unwell children will be looked after in the Sans. All boarding staff are first aid trained.


Q: What would my child’s bedtime be?

A: Year 6 and below has a bedtime of 8.15pm with lights out at 8.30

Year 7 has a bedtime of 8.30pm with lights out at 8.45.

Year 8 has a bedtime of 9pm with lights out at 9.15.

Over the weekends, bedtimes can be a little later if we have been out or we are watching a movie.