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Vinehall Shields

All Year 8 pupils are presented with a shield at their final Prize Giving when they leave Vinehall.  The shield is a unique tradition which reflects the numerous ways in which each individual pupil has progressed through their years at the School and each one is therefore bespoke.  The shield displays the pupil’s name, their house, year of starting and leaving Vinehall, as well as the senior school to which the pupil is moving on to and a red star if a scholarship has been awarded.


The four quarters of the shield represent different areas of achievement: Leadership, Academic, Sport and Creative.  Each pupil will have opportunities during their school career to pursue differing areas, as well as following common subjects within the timetable. Individual icons represent each aspect and are colour-coded based on the level achieved, with red denoting the highest level.

“…recording achievements to prepare for the shield which every pupil gains when leaving school. These shields are proudly displayed throughout the school and represent many years of former pupils successes.”

ISI Report February 2018