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Drama Scholarships

Drama Scholarships  Years 3 to Year 7

Drama Scholarships are awarded to candidates who can express their distinct talents and have obvious enthusiasm and commitment for drama and theatre. They must have a desire to be regularly and actively involved in supporting the Drama Department at Vinehall, participating in performances and plays or in co-curricular drama activities. We expect that Scholars will watch productions regularly, read plays and seek to further their knowledge and experience in Drama and Theatre.

Candidates will be required to perform an acted audition piece of their own choice (a maximum of three minutes) to the Director of Drama. This piece should be from a published play so they can discuss the character and context of the monologue at interview. The scene should be memorised and delivered with a full awareness of the importance of vocal technique, as well as physical response (facial expression, movement, gesture, posture). Candidates will also sight-read a piece of unseen text. They will be expected to discuss their interest in drama and why they have applied for the scholarship in an interview with the Director of Drama. If you would like to discuss your child’s drama scholarship application, please contact our Director of Drama, Mary Alderson at

To apply for a Drama Scholarship, please complete the form below.