In the Prep School, we want pupils to enjoy a relevant and engaging learning experience that enables them to think for themselves and flourish as confident, independent learners. 

At the heart of everything we do, whether it be in the science laboratory or on the stage, when debating ethical issues or on the sports field, are five dispositions that we encourage all pupils to develop and demonstrate. These dispositions are the fundamental skills that we believe will enable our pupils to become creative and critical thinkers able to excel in the 21st Century world. 

The five dispositions are: 

Inquisitive – If you are inquisitive you ask lots of questions and always want to find out more so that you can improve your understanding of each subject and the world around you.  
Collaborative – Being collaborative means working well as part of a team. This means that you listen carefully to what other people have to say and are considerate when people have a different opinion or point of view.  
Resilient – Sometimes things do not always go as planned. Being resilient means that you do not give up when something doesn’t work out as you had hoped. Instead you keep on trying and look for another way.  
Reflective – To be a reflective learner, you must look back on what you have done and evaluate its success. You can also be reflective before you even start a piece of work by asking, ‘What would the end result look like if I did this really well?’
Courageous – If you are courageous, you are willing to try something new or do something differently, even if you are afraid or unsure.