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Learning Habits & Personal Values

We strive to preserve and celebrate childhood, whilst also ensuring that children are ready for the next stage in their lives. When our pupils leave at the end of Year 8, they do so equipped with the personal values, learning habits, knowledge and skills that will enable them to flourish in an ever changing world.

Underpinning our vision are personal values and learning habits that we encourage all members of our community to develop and demonstrate. We believe these qualities will enable our pupils to excel in the modern world.

Our Personal Values

Being kind is the quality of showing warmth and understanding towards others, often putting their needs before your own.

Being respectful is treating others the way you want to be treated, being considerate and polite, and showing that you value and care about them as individuals.

Being confident is about feeling good about yourself and your abilities, and having a positive outlook in all you do.

Being ambitious is the determination to improve in who you are and in what you do, setting goals and striving for excellence.