Vinehall is a leading co-educational day, boarding school and nursery for children between the ages of 2 and 13. Our children leave Vinehall to go onto a wide range of the UK’s most prestigious Senior Schools. In our Inspection Report we were delighted to have achieved  ‘Excellent in all Areas’.

We foster a love of learning for its own sake by encouraging our children to ask questions and think for themselves.

Our children develop the necessary skills to work productively and to become resilient, resourceful and reflective learners, unafraid to try something new or of making mistakes.

Our innovative curriculum includes Life Skills, Ethics and Engineering; embedding knowledge that will enable them to flourish in the ‘real world’.

We have high expectations for our children, inspiring them to achieve excellence in all that they do.

We offer a diverse and exciting curriculum, delivered by highly qualified, inspirational teachers.


We are inspired by our school motto, “to do our best for the benefit of others”.  We believe that it is our collective duty to serve others and through our Foundation we hope to widen access to the School as well as to enhance the opportunities that all our pupils have.