Vinehall Venturers is a fantastic mix of self-development, teamwork and understanding of the greater world around us. With enviable facilities, we have the opportunity to explore nature and bushcraft, as well as develop a better understanding of the different needs of the society in which we live, enabling us to play a responsible role within it.

18th June 2021

Clingfilm wrapping is one of the most found products on our beaches. As part of World Oceans Week last week, the Year 4 Vinehall Venturers had a go at making their very own reusable food safe wrapping. They first chose their material and then painted them with melted beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil. They were then ironed between greaseproof paper to spread the wax out evenly and left to set. They now are the proud owners of their very own reusable beeswax wrap that can be used instead of traditional Clingfilm.


21st May 2021

Last Friday, with the wind whipping through the trees, it was best to relocate to the safety of the classroom and this gave us the perfect opportunity to put our team-building skills into practice.

Split into 3 groups and equipped with a piece of plastic piping cut in half, the task was to transport a very light golf ball from one safe zone to another on the opposite side of the room.  Sounds easy … until you realise you cannot move your feet – not even to pivot! Eventually the trick of turning sideways before accepting the ball prevented a lot of contortion and they quickly transported the ball across the room.

The second task was to transport a tin can using just a piece of wood and four pieces of string. There were some amazing knots in the first attempt which led to a new rule – no string must touch the can – and now the challenge began. After a lot of varied attempts, it was found that keeping the rope taught might be a cunning secret to the task.  Equally, another group found that keeping the string exceptionally short can also work.

They all found different ways to solve the same problem and that the initial mistakes help to guide the way to a solution.

14th May 2021

For Deaf Awareness Week, the Vinehall Venturers investigated what it is like to communicate without sound. They first tried to arrange themselves in a line in order of their birthdays without talking. This proved to be quite a challenge to not even whisper but special mention goes to Lorelei who managed to create her own code to successfully communicate her birthday to others. We had a guess at some common words using British sign language – can you guess what is being shown in the photos? After a little practice with the alphabet, everyone had mastered their own name. We finished off with guessing spelled out words and I was really impressed with how quickly they identified the letters used in these.

7th May 2021

The De Beer garden outside the Juniors is looking fantastic and to encourage more birds to come and say hello, the Vinehall Venturers took on the challenge to make some eco-friendly bird feeders. Scooping out the insides of half an orange, lemon or lime took a lot of care to not tear the skin, but everyone managed to create a solid container. Adding the twine through little holes made in the sides took perseverance and patience but once filled with the bird feed mixture, all were eager to find a hanging spot on the trees, the bay tree being the favourite.  Thankfully, despite a windy weekend, they were all still safely hanging on Tuesday morning ready for the birds to feast on.

Alison Tripp