Rachel Borrows, School Horticulturist, has begun working with the children to promote sustainable garden practice and provide an appreciation of our school’s biodiversity.

7th May 20201

The first buds on the new apple trees have broken out into blossom. Do take a stroll down by the astro to see them.  The soil has arrived to fill the new vegetable beds and they are beginning to look nearly ready to receive their first plants. We just need to get the rabbit proof fence up to stop our furry little friends feasting on them all.

30th April 2021

This week the children have been learning about the adaptations of drought tolerant plants, and how to identify some of the flora and fauna found within the school grounds.

Sustainable Steps Started

Identifying trees by their leaves

The children used an identification wheel to compare leaf shapes and identify some of the many species of trees in the Vinehall grounds.

Pond Dipping

The Year 4 children visited the Vinehall pond armed with nets and buckets to see what they could find.

Herb Planting

Filling the fixed beds in the newly refurbished De Beer garden was the perfect opportunity for the children to smell, taste and touch different herbs.