25th March 2022

This week the children made beautifully decorated Easter bunny and chick shortbread biscuits. Delicious!


18th March 2022

This week our cook’s made delicious thin crust pizza’s with a variety of fillings including ham, chorizo, red onion, olives, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.

11th March 2022

Last night the boarders made chocolate mousse. After not folding in the ingredients gently, the end results were remarkably good!!! All finished off with fresh fruit and grated chocolate.

4th March 2022

We had a rather messy, but fun time with the boarders last night, making meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta!

11th February 2022

We had great fun this week trying to toss pancakes.  A few landed on the floor!  They had toppings of chocolate with squirty cream and the more traditional lemon and sugar.

With a little time to spare everybody made a smoothie or milkshake with a choice of strawberries, mango or peaches.

4th February 2022

Chinese New Year

Last Saturday I went to one of my favourite shops in Hastings, called ‘The Oriental Supermarket’, to purchase the ingredients for cookery club.  The staff there were amazed that we do such wonderful things with our boarders.

I decided to hand the reigns over to Patrick L and Summer L to guide us through the art of making dumplings.  The pork was combined with Chinese cabbage, spring onion, ginger and seasonings.  Then, very skilfully, they showed us the art of forming dumplings into different shapes.  Obviously, these needed to be eaten as soon as they were cooked and so the last lesson was on how to use chopsticks!

28th January 2022

Chicken and bacon burgers:  cookery club was lovely and calm this week because the boys finished matches first and had the room to themselves.  I must say they were far more adventurous with their seasonings on their chicken for the burgers; however, the girls opted for more salad!

Welcome to cookery Ysabel!!

21st January 2022

This week we made a lovely simple vanilla cheesecake with fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

14th January 2022

For our first cookery club of the term we made a good, old British classic – Toad in the Hole.

The children made some seriously good batter to surround the sausages, which they then enjoyed for supper.

3rd December 2021

With help from Blanca P, I was able to accommodate all of the boarders into cookery club this week! They made some very delicious festive honey and spice biscuits, which their families should be trying when they get back home.

26th November 2021

As the boys were all at away matches, we had a girls only cookery club this week.  They started by making some chocolate chip brownies and then helped me with a good sort out of the equipment cupboards. Thank you so much girls!

19th November 2021

Well, this week we were meant to be making Croquetas. I made the mixture for the children on Monday night, as it needs to be nice and firm for rolling.  However, this did not go according to plan, as it was too soft.  This required some quick thinking, so I rushed out to buy some pasta shells and cheese and they ended up making a ham and cheese pasta bake.

5th November 2021

Congratulations to my cooks this week, for making the most deliciously buttery and crumbly shortbread!

Annabel Newcomb


15th October 2021

For our last cookery session before half term, the children made Spaghetti Carbonara, at Anna M’s request.  Over half term, I hope that they will try making their families some of the dishes they have learnt over the past few weeks.

Annabel Newcomb


8th October 2021

This term has been a first experience of Golden Syrup for our overseas children and now they are absolutely hooked! Rather than just pouring it all over their waffles at breakfast, I thought it would be a good idea to show them how to use it in baking, so they made Flapjacks. Many are hoping to take some home for their families at half term.
Annabel Newcomb

1st October 2021

This week was savoury week, so I decided on stir- fried pork with vegetables and noodles. Summer L and Patrick L were especially delighted as it gave them a feeling of home from home. The other children were given lessons on how to eat with chopsticks!
Annabel Newcomb


24th September 2021

Each week I alternate between sweet and savoury cooking, so this week the children made Blueberry muffins. Finally, their washing-up skills are improving!

Annabel Newcomb

17th September

This week was the first time any of the overseas children had been to cookery club so there was much excitement. They made some deliciously gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Annabel Newcomb

We welcomed Gustave back to cookery this week, after more than a year’s absence.  The children requested to make smoothies and milkshakes which went down well on a hot summer’s day.  They also made chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Annabel Newcomb


For many months now, David D has been asking for sticky rice. So, to go with it they made Char Siu pork which had been marinated in many ingredients including soya sauce, hoisin sauce and Chinese five spice. They enjoyed the meal take-away style for supper.

Annabel Newcomb


This week I nearly had a full house of Year 8 girls. It often becomes quite difficult to know what to make as everybody seems to like different things, but after discussing this with the girls the common theme seemed to be chocolate. Therefore, we ended up making chocolate mousse with strawberries dipped in chocolate for the whole of the boarding house and staff.
Annabel Newcomb

Chicken Enchiladas

At last, some delighted girls made it to cookery as they had home matches. The enchiladas were mouth-wateringly good and nearly didn’t make it down to supper! Some children made toppings from avocado, spring onions and soured cream.

Annabel Newcomb

Swiss rolls
As you can probably see from the photos, the quality of the Swiss rolls was incredible! All were light, fluffy and evenly baked. They varied from chocolate and cream to plain sponge with jam and cream. The cooks very kindly shared them with the other boarders for pudding at suppertime.

Annabel Newcomb