Year 3 Sustainable Flip Flops

We asked the question, what is Art? We also asked the next question, what is design? Art is pretty much everywhere and design is pretty much everything.

Year 3 designers thought about the things that they use on a daily basis and more specifically about the design of those things. They focused on footwear.

Here are their sustainable flip flops created around the theme of the honeybee and a comment on the plastic waste which is washed every day on the beaches around the world. The flip flops are made from scraps of carpet underlay and fabric including not new but old leather.

Tracey Konyu

Year 5  Mystical Masks

Here are some of the year 5 mystical masks. They have been biscuit fired and painted with a lustre finish. The pupils based their designs on the green man or woman from the middle ages.

Tracey Konyu

The Environment with Year 6

On the tail head of the last term and connected to the school theme of ‘The Environment’, the Year 6s were tasked with the challenge – what can you make from a map?

From clever collages to 3D construction, here are some of the experiments.

Tracey Konyu