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20th November 2020

Year 3 – Bench Ball and Dodge Ball

Year 3 took part in a double indoor competition of bench ball and dodge ball. Each team played for 10 minutes, demonstrating fantastic ball skills in bench ball and good fundamental movements in dodge ball. Very sporting behaviour from all players throughout the competition, as well as some fantastic performances from all teams. Special mention to Thunder for a whitewash in bench ball. Well done to all of Year 3.

Overall results as follows:

1st  Thunder
2nd Storm
3rd Lightning

Tash Newman

Year 4 – Touch Rugby

Venue: Twickenham  Astro.  Weather: Glorious Sunshine Wet & Miserable.

The Year 4s took part in the most enjoyable afternoon of touch rugby. Weather aside, it was wonderful to see the boys and girls running with purpose, scoring numerous tries and working hard in defence. Special mention must be made of teams Pumas, Lions and Tigers, who finished the afternoon with two wins, a draw and a loss each. It took the sports department’s incredible mathematicians ages to work out the final order and, after an evening of counting (not too dissimilar to a certain vote across the pond), a result was finally reached.

1st Pumas
2nd Tigers
3rd Lions
4th Leopards
5th Jaguars

Matt McKinnon

Year 5 – Hockey

Year 5 took part in a very competitive Hockey Vinehall 5s tournament under floodlights on a very windy and wet day. Fantastic effort from all teams who competed in four, 5-a-side, 15-minute matches. All the children powered through the wet conditions and demonstrated a high level of skill, putting up a challenge to each opposition. Well done Hawks who won three and drew one to win the competition.

Results –
1st Hawks
2nd Buzzards
3rd Eagles
4th Harriers
5th Falcons

Tash Newman

Year 6 – Cross Country and Orienteering

Another week and another enjoyable two afternoons of Cross Country and Orienteering. In the most competitive cross-country race of the competition the Year 6 boys and girls set off at an incredible pace, with many staking the claim of leading the race for a moment or two. After a few minutes the sprinters in the pack tired, with a small group able to maintain a steady pace over the rest of the course. Isobel G and India A where able to break away up the steep final hill, forcing each other into a sprint finish, with Isobel winning by the narrowest of margins.

The weather was not so kind for the Orienteering competition on Wednesday. The teams set off in driving rain, shielding their maps and scorecards as best they could. The weather may have hampered any thoughts of breaking course records; but Rubies gave it their best shot, finishing the quickest with a time of 16 minutes and their second win of the week. Well done to Albie G, Chris N, Lucy P, Isabel G and Isla H. The afternoon ended with a few fun and very competitive games of 40/40 in the woods.

Cross Country
1st Rubies
2nd Diamonds
3rd Sapphires
4th Emeralds


1st Rubies
2nd Emeralds
3rd Diamonds
4th Sapphires

Matt McKinnon

Year 7 Netball Vinehall 5 challenge

Not even the rain could dampen the enthusiasm of Year 7. It was a clean sweep of wins for Hurricanes to take top spot. After finishing with the same points and then the same goal difference, playing extra time was the choice to separate Cyclones and Tornadoes for 2nd place. After a fierce battle Tornadoes finished victorious, with a 2-1 win. It was a valiant effort from Blizzard finishing 4th.

Hurricanes won 6-1 against Tornadoes, won 5-2 against Cyclones and won 8-0 against Blizzard.
Tornadoes won 6-0 against Blizzard, drew 0-0 against Cyclones but won 2-1 in extra time.
Cyclones won 4-0 against Blizzard. Blizzard were unfortunate not to score, but came away with 3 points for effort.

Laura Percy-White and Louise Barrett

Year 8 – Football

The Year 8 boys and girls enjoyed a great Vinehall 5s Football Tournament. Although the weather was cold and wet, it was lovely to see the boys and girls all enjoying the matches and getting stuck in. The work rate was excellent and some of the passing and skills on show was a joy to watch. It was a really close tournament and only 3 points separated 1st-3rd.

1st Under Armour
2nd Adidas
3rd Nike
4th Puma
5th Reebok.

Well done everyone.

Zac Attwood


13th November 2020

Year 3 – Football

Year 3 were excited and keen for this week’s Vinehall 5s challenge – football.  All matches were close and very competitive.  Three matches were played and a total of 12 goals were scored. Charlie C scored 4 goals, Jamie x 3, Harvey x 2 and Masa x 2. There was also an own goal.

Thunder came out on top, winning both matches.  Storm came 2nd, winning one match and losing one.  Lightening worked hard and, even though goals were scored, they lost both closely-contested matches.

Thunder won 2-0 against Lightening

Thunder won 3-2 against Storm

Storm won 3-2 against Lightening.

Well done to Year 3 for working very hard and trying their best.

– Laura Percy-White and Zac Attwood.

Year 4 – Hoopball and Dodgeball

The excitable Year 4s enjoyed another fantastic afternoon of competition.  With the mild weather, the action moved to the astro, where the five teams played hoopball for the first half of the session.  The handling and movement on show improved with every round, with some fantastic build-up play leading to a number of fabulous points being scored.  After a quick bite to eat at tea, the action changed to dodgeball.  Fast-paced and extremely competitive, the boys and girls dodged and weaved brilliantly.  Well done to all involved and I look forward to you playing touch rugby next week.

Hoopball                                                            Dodgeball

  1. Pumas                                                       Tigers
  2. Jaguars                                                     Pumas
  3. Tigers                                                        Lions
  4. Lions                                                         Jaguars
  5. Leopards                                                  Leopards

Matt McKinnon

Year 5 – Touch Rugby

The Year 5 Vinehall 5s had another fantastic week and the standard of the touch rugby displayed was excellent.  It was lovely to see everyone so enthusiastic about the game. The boys did a great job of explaining the rules to some of the girls and it was lovely to see everyone working so well together and as part of a team.  Every single match was very close and competitive.


1st Eagles

2nd Hawks

3rd Buzzards

4th Harriers

5th Falcons

It was a great afternoon.

Zac Attwood


Year 6 – Touch Rugby

Year 6 took part in the very competitive Hockey Vinehall 5s tournament this week.  All teams competed in three 20-minute matches with a one-minute interval allowing for tactical discussions.  Each team scored numerous goals and demonstrated a high level of skill putting up a challenge to each opposition.  Well done Diamonds who were undefeated in the competition with a fantastic 9-1 win in their final game.


1st Diamonds

2nd Rubies

3rd Sapphires

4th Emeralds

Tash Newman

Year 7 – Touch Rugby

Week 2 and it was the turn of Year 7 to do Cross Country and Orienteering.  It was wonderful to see and hear the encouragement the teams were giving each other before, during and after both events.  Congratulations must go to team Tornado who set a course record, collecting all ten marker points in 14 minutes 11 seconds; and to Monty G and Arthur P who pushed each other all the way round the cross country route, with Monty winning by the narrowest of margins.  A hard fought game of boys v girls dodgeball rounded off what was a very enjoyable afternoon.  Well done Year 7 and good luck on the netball court next week!

Cross Country                                                                  Orienteering

  1. Hurricane                                                               Tornado
  2. Tornado                                                                  Hurricane
  3. Blizzard                                                                   Cyclone
  4. Cyclone                                                                    Blizzard

Year 8 – Netball

An excellent display of netball was shown on Wednesday afternoon.  There were many close matches between the teams.  The boys tried hard not to break the footwork rule and implement what they had learnt in a short amount of time.  They bring new dynamics to the game, from their elevation to their anticipation and reading of play; it is a joy to witness.  The girls’ advanced skill level and better understanding of the game enabled them to work well the boys and integrate them into the game.  No team won all the games and even the team that came last drew two matches, one of them against the overall winners.  Some highlights include Rory R, the master of interceptions; the physical contest between Francesca F and Olivia S.  Carlos NL’s enthusiasm to shoot long from anywhere, when at times he wasn’t even in the circle; and Olivia H, the silent shooting assassin, slotting away goal after goal.  I was genuinely impressed by every player; everyone contributed and was an asset to their team.

Reebok were 1st, winning three matches and drawing one.

Puma were 2nd, winning two, drawing one and losing one.

Nike were 3rd, winning one, drawing one and losing two. They drew on points with Adidas but came 3rd based on a better goal difference.

Adidas were 4th, winning one, drawing one and losing two.

Under Armour were 5th, drawing two and losing two.

Reebok receive 25 points, Puma 20 points, Nike 15 points, Adidas 10 points and Under Armour 5 points to add to last week’s results.

– Laura Percy-White


6th November 2020

Year 3 – Netball

The sport challenge this week for Year 3 was netball. They were very excited to get going in the matches. Thunder won both matches, 3-0 against Storm and 2-0 against Lightning. Rosie scored four goals and Harvey one.  Lightning won 1-0 over Storm, with a goal from Harriet.

Storm were unlucky to not score as they tried very hard.  It was five points for a win, three points for a draw and one point for effort. Thunder take an early lead on the leader board, but that could all change come after next week’s challenge. It is lovely to see the children play competitively but also with such enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Laura Percy-White

Year 4 – Football

One could not have hoped for a more beautiful afternoon for the Year 4s to begin their Vinehall 5s competition. The astro was the venue for a fierce battle between the teams. The standard of football improved with every minute and each team played four very competitive matches.

The team of the afternoon were the Lions, who went undefeated and in doing so earned themselves 25 points towards the overall competition.

1st Lions

2nd Pumas

3rd Jaguars

4th Leopards

5th Tigers

Matt McKinnon

Year 5 – Benchball and Dodgeball

A fantastic start to Year 5 Vinehall 5s, with a round robin tournament of benchball followed by dodgeball. The teams competed hard and engaged in some challenging rounds, with numerous close games. Special mention to the Falcons for competing in a good spirit and the Buzzards for eliminating a team in under one minute during dodgeball.

Results for each competition are listed below; well done to year 5!



Buzzards and hawks





Hawks and eagles



Tash Newman

Year 6 – Touch Rugby

The Vinehall 5s got off to a fantastic start for the Year 6 boys and girls. They started with a touch rugby tournament and I was so impressed with the competitiveness of all the matches. The whole team was involved and it was great to see boys and girls working together and the different game plans they had for each match.  All the games were very competitive; however team Emerald were the winners, having won two and drawn one.

The standard of rugby was really good and roll on next week..

Zac Attwood

Year 7 – Hockey

This week the Year 7s prepared for their first challenge, which was Hockey. In the lesson, they led their own warm-up in their teams, set up drills in their area with the available equipment available to them and finished off with some game play and strategy.

The weather on Wednesday was glorious and the teams were excited to get the fixtures underway. There was a great display of hockey skills, team work and some great goals scored – 36 in total! The point system was five points for a win, three points for a draw and one point for effort. In case of a tie, it would then be down to biggest goal difference (goals scored minus goals conceded).

Tornadoes won all three matches, scoring maximum points of 15.  May A scored a total of 6 goals, Henry P x 4 and Clara F x 3.

Hurricanes finished in 2nd place based on goal difference (of one goal in it), after scoring the same amount of points as Cyclones.  Arthur P scored 5 goals, Imogen W x 4, Daisy D x 2 and Polly S x 1.

Cyclones finished 3rd. Tilly R scored 4 goals, Willow G x 3, Camilla B and Monty G x 1.

Although Blizzards had a tough day they should be pleased with their efforts, which were rewarded with two goals scored by Leo F.

Tornadoes won 3-0 against Hurricanes                 Hurricanes won 10-2 against Blizzard

Tornadoes won 3-0 against Cyclones                     Hurricanes drew 2-2 against Cyclones

Tornadoes won 7-0 against Blizzard                      Cyclones won 7-0 against Blizzard

After the first round of the Vinehall 5 challenge, Tornadoes take the 25 points on the leader board, Hurricanes 20 points, Cyclones 15 and Blizzard 10.  I am sure they all look forward to next week’s challenge and to adding more points to the board.

Laura Percy-White

Year 8 – Cross Country and Orienteering

The Year 8 Vinehall 5s adventure started with cross country and orienteering, the news of both events going down rather better than I had originally thought it would! On Tuesday the teams tackled a shorter cross-country route, with team Adidas taking the spoils. It was the turn of orienteering on Wednesday and, with the teams setting off at three-minute intervals, they had to find and then stamp ten different points using the map and score card provided. There was some fantastic teamwork on show, with team Reebok completing the course the fastest in a very impressive time of 14 minutes. Well done to everyone and I look forward to hearing how the teams get on at Netball next week.

Cross Country

  1. Adidas
  2. Reebok
  3. Nike
  4. Under Armour
  5. Puma


  1. Reebok
  2. Adidas
  3. Nike
  4. Under Armour
  5. Puma

Matt McKinnon