This half term, we will acknowledge Safer Internet Day on Wednesday 8th February as a part of Children’s Mental Health Week. Some of the learning taking place in the Life Skills lessons in the Prep School will unpick the relationships we have online. We understand how quickly technology develops and how it is ever present in the lives of our children. With that in mind, we will be hosting two online safety talks for parents on Monday 30th January from 6.00pm (exact timings will be confirmed nearer the time). We hope that you will join us and our host from BeSecureOnline for a talk on how to keep your children safe online. The sessions will cover a range of important topics that concern parents. 
Reception to Year 6 – Online Safety Talk  
  • How to establish usage levels and internet rules at home; 
  • Internet use for children when parents are not supervising; 
  • Safe searching; blocking content; how long should my child be online; 
  • Social media and safe privacy settings; 
  • How to avoid/deal with online bullying; 
  • Dealing with Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram; 
  • Gaming issues: Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox & League of Legends; 
  • Which games are most suited to younger gamers, Public Servers, VPNs; 
  • Tips & Tricks you can do within 24 hours. 
Year 7 & 8 – Online Safety Talk
Some of the following will be included in the second talk aimed at parents of secondary school age children (Year 7 and 8): 
  • The dangers of online bullying, how to deal with it, what to do; 
  • Social Media, Addiction, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram; 
  • Sexting: What is it? The dangers. Does everyone do it? 
  • Sexting: The law, consequences, the police, how to handle it; 
  • Online reputation; building an online presence for success; what my phone says about me; 
  • Gaming: Am I gaming too much? What should I do about it? 
  • Can the police and Border Control look at my phone?
  • What every teenager needs to know. 

The talks will be hosted with a Zoom link and should last about 55 minutes, with the opportunity to ask questions directly and via chat. A video playback option will also be available. If you are interested, please complete this form:

Registration Form:

More information will follow once the registration has closed.