The Pre-Prep curriculum aims to provide every child with a broad, balanced and exciting learning experience. We use the “Read Write Inc” programme as a basis for teaching reading skills, comprehension and literacy alongside “Thinkwrite” to develop a cursive style of handwriting. In mathematics children develop skills of critical thinking and problem-solving together with a deep understanding of the number system. The children are encouraged to develop a sense of mastery by using the “White Rose Maths” programme; concepts are introduced and consolidated using the Concrete, Pictoral and Abstract model.

Across Pre-Prep English is an opportunity to develop communication and language skills alongside reading and writing. Key texts and stories are used to ignite the children’s imagination and provide inspiration for English activities. Stories, rhymes and songs are used to develop these skills in Early Years. From Reception our children have daily phonic sessions which are individually tailored.

Throughout Pre-Prep all year groups use Learning Journeys based around a topic or focus to immerse the children in their learning. The children’s enthusiasm steers a topic’s direction and their learning can be adapted to suit their interests. The Learning Journey encompasses science and the humanities, and is supported by the use of Eduschool.  

Our size means that the teachers know all our children well, and that every pupil is treated as an individual, supported and challenged as appropriate during their time at Vinehall. Social and emotional wellbeing is seen as pivotal to the progress of each child, and the child’s voice steers our medium-term planning to ensure engagement and to determine next steps.