Updates from The Arts

Lancing Chorister Day 

A group of Year 6 pupils attended the ‘Chorister Experience’ at Lancing College earlier in the week and were amazed  by the magnificence of the College Chapel.  They rehearsed during the afternoon and joined forces with the Chapel Choir for Evensong.  The sound of so many children singing together was beautiful and it was lovely to see many parents in the congregation.  Our children behaved impeccably and upheld Vinehall’s tradition of amazing hymn singing!

Year 5  Alexander Calder Mobiles

The pupils have been making clay medallions as part of their Calder project, specifically studying kinetic sculpture and movement in our environment.  The aim is to produce as many medallions as possible.  Eloise LH made twenty-five medallions in total!

Year 8 Environmental Artworks

The pupils have used protest pop art to demonstrate their views about climate change.  The objective was to use one word to put their point across.  They will be using stop motion to make a film based on the same issues.

Sustainable Us – Art Competition

All pupils from Year 5 to Year 8 are being encouraged to enter a current art competition held by Battle Abbey School.  It involves upcycling garments and making accessories from recycled materials.

If you are willing and able to donate any items of clothing that need a bit of a makeover, please could you give them to the art department. Plain items, such as t shirts and caps, would be fantastic. Shoes and old trainers would also work.  Thank you.

Tracey Konyu


Plastic Bottle Tops 

Wanted – The Pre-Prep would like all colours of plastic bottle tops for a mural project. If you have any of these please do pass on to either office.



The auditions for ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ took place on Saturday 27th April 2019 and we were delighted by the pupils’ obvious talent, creativity and enthusiasm.  A fantastic group of pupils, with many wonderful actors and singers amongst them.  After much thought and discussion between the music and drama departments, the play has now been cast and rehearsals are underway.  I have every confidence there is a lot of fun to come throughout the term for everyone and they will do themselves proud on 27th and 28th June 2019.

Mary Alderson

Art Competition

Battle Abbey

Hastings Young Art Project 2019 in aid of Cancer Research

During the Easter break the prize giving ceremony for the Hastings Young Art Project 2019 took place at the Hastings Museum.  There were a good number of local schools represented at the exhibition and it was lovely to see the high quality of work on display.  Vinehall art students were well represented, with their diverse skills ranging from models of the Earth to paintings on tiles.

We are very pleased to announce that our pupils achieved a number of awards including the top prize of first place for Isabelle S for her piece entitled ‘Travel and Adventure’.  Delilah and Lorcan G each achieved second place.  Isabel DLL and Miranda R achieved joint third place.  Ellie T, Willow A and Margot F were shortlisted, all receiving acknowledgement of their achievements.  Milo M was recognised by the judging panel for his graphic design skills.

Most importantly, to all those who took part in the competition, I would like to say a big thank you.  Just by entering, you have made a real difference.

Tracey Konyu

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