Updates from The Arts

W/E 16th November 

Drama – Shakespeare at Vinehall

Coming into the last few weeks of rehearsals, all the pupils are working very hard to ensure that both Twelfth Night (Y7&8) and the Tempest (Y5&6) are ready for the Elizabethan Soiree on 29th November 2018.  A team of wonderful mums are busy finishing off the costumes and painting the scenery after a term of ruffles, doublets and hose!  We hope for a packed house to support everyone’s efforts.

Art – Year 3 Take Over Teaching

Pupils took over the teaching reins and used the whiteboard to demonstrate their mark-making skills.  The challenge was to visually ‘describe’ a texture using only a few marks.

Isobel F became a student teacher and asked her peers to guess what her texture was.

W/E 19th October 

WW1 Centenary Commemoration Poppies

W/E 19th October 

Charleston House Art Trip

The year 6 pupils spent a day at Charleston House, the home of the Bloomsbury Group. They toured the house sketching in their home-made sketchbooks, drew from life in the garden and created stunning designs by using felt.


The Gargoyles have been returned to us from the Eastbourne College Ceramic Day!

Battle Arts Festival

Vinehall pupils were involved in the Battle Arts Festival 2018.  Some of our pupils were able to attend the ‘meet the artists’ session at the Memorial Hall in Battle.  Prints and originals were on show.

W/E 12th October 

Cross-Curricular Themes

DT and Art have joined forces to create a cross-curricular topic based on music. Guitars to be specific. Pupils are designing and making their own guitar in DT. And in Art, pupils are drawing in a Cubist style by recording each part of a guitar with precision. This is called ‘analytical drawing’. Whether it is an electric guitar or a classical one, they have analysed the working of a guitar and are using their analysis to understand the form of a guitar.

Year 8 Digital Manipulation

Photographers from Year 8 have spent their time in lessons learning new digital skills. They have changed the hue and saturation, inverted and posterized their images.

Eastbourne College Art Taster Day

Eastbourne College very kindly delivered the ceramic gargoyles created by Vinehall senior artists during a recent taster day.

A big thank you to the art department at Eastbourne College for firing and glazing the sculptures.

An even bigger thank you to our artists for a job well done!

W/E 5th October 

Year 8 Photographers

The chosen theme for the Year 8 photographers is ‘Extreme Close Up’ and all pupils have been exploring macro-photography to capture the tiniest detail in their images.  The results are stunning.

Poppy Production

All pupils have been creating poppies ahead of the 100th anniversary of the first world war.  There are a lot of them, yet they all have an individual approach.

Drawing To Music

Year 3 pupils used their other senses to make marks to Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’.  They shut their eyes, listened intently to the music and practised their automatic drawing.  Kandinsky would have been proud.

Digital Drawing

Smartboard technology is increasingly being used these days in Art.  The benefits are clear to see; you can quickly change the look of your drawing by changing the size and colour.  It is also proving to be a great tool for combining literacy and art.  For some, the traditional way is better and for others it is digital all the way.

Battle Arts Festival

During the Summer Term, the current Year 5 pupils took part in a session with a watercolour artist called Kerry Bennett.  Their work is now on display in the window of Martlett House in Battle opposite the Abbey.  It looks very professional.

W/E 28th September

Fourteen members of Year 7 had a fantastic day at Eastbourne College singing songs from ‘Matilda’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’.  They were accompanied by the school rhythm section and gave a brilliant concert at the end of the day.  A big thank you to everyone and especially to Mr Jordan for his help and tireless encouragement.

W/E 21st September

Shakespeare Club

Following last week’s auditions, rehearsals for the Year 7&8 production of ‘Twelfth Night’ and the Year 5&6 version of ‘The Tempest’ are well underway.  Pupils are working hard to get to grips with the complex stories, characters and language, whilst having fun after school and on Saturdays.  Both performances will be part of the Elizabethan Soiree on 29th November, with music and poetry during the interval.  We hope that the audience will start looking out ruffles, doublets and hose to join in the spirit of the occasion!

Cookery Club

The dish of the day was Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas. I was most impressed by the quality of the sauce making, however there was a lot of crying due to the strength of the onion!

W/E 14th September

Year 3 Art Critics

Art is all about communication and being able to express yourself. The new Year 3 artists expressed their opinions about the artwork on display in our corridors. They were able to describe the images in great detail.

Cookery Club

On Saturday the children made Bread and Butter pudding and on Wednesday it was Lemon Drizzle cake. Both groups made milkshakes topped with squirty cream and marshmallows.