Five Rs for the 21st Century

Many of the skills that we want our pupils to develop do not belong to a single subject. From September 2019, pupils will have a weekly Study Skills lessons in which they will learn skills that they will have the opportunity to apply across the curriculum, both at Vinehall and beyond. 

How to read – Reading obviously entails much more than saying the words that are written on the page. At Vinehall, we want our pupils to consider style and content alongside broader themes of context and purpose, not only when reading prose, but when analysing art and architecture or poetry and plays. 

How to write – Writing a carefully structured, well-argued essay is an essential skill that transcends any single subject. We also want our pupils to be able to succinctly summarise an idea or a point of view. 

How to reason – Through exposure to logic and philosophy as well as puzzles and problems, we want to develop pupils’ ability to think laterally and demonstrate abstract reasoning skills.  

How to research – The internet is an incredible resource, but effective online research is a skill that needs to be learnt. We want our pupils to understand the strengths but also the weaknesses of using the internet for research. 

How to revise – Exams remain at the heart of the English school system and we want to ensure that our pupils have the necessary skills to revise effectively.