What is your role at Vinehall?

I’m the Deputy Head

What subject/s do you teach?

Maths, STEM and Hockey.

What made you want to become a teacher?

Having previously had a career in banking, I wanted to give something back and be able to make a difference.

What do you enjoy most about Vinehall?

The family feel. Knowing the children, their parents and all members of the community is a privilege.

What are you planning that you are most excited about?

There’s a great new activity coming in the Lent term run by STEMKids… watch this space.

What is your best teaching memory?

Introducing STEM as a curriculum subject in Year 5 this year. It has been really well received by the pupils and great fun to teach.

When you are not in the classroom I am most likely to be …

Running around school.

Something not many people know about you is …  

I was almost taught by Mr Butler at my prep school. He arrived in the September after I had left in the July.