Role at School:

Head of Classics

What gets you up in the morning?


When you were a child you wanted to be…

A soldier.

What’s your guilty secret?

I only really wanted to be a soldier for the swanky uniform, not actually rolling around in the mud getting shot at!

Where would you time travel to?

Apart from the Ancient World, obviously, Renaissance Italy, Eighteenth-century Vienna and Edinburgh, and the polo fields of the Raj.

Your pet hate?

The modern herd mentality which makes people raise their voice at the end of a, like, statement like it’s, like, a question? And, like, saying like, like when they aren’t creating a simile.

What’s your favourite book and why?

Zorro by Isabelle Allende. Apart from reading it on a skiing holiday in Courcheval, the book shows how the boy trained hard in many disciplines to become the man, and only then the hero of popular imagination. He learns what he is good at and works hard at what he is not; he is fallible and human, brave and tenacious.

What do you hope that your pupils say about Vinehall when they leave?

How it made them and prepared them for Life.