English Teacher/Games (formerly Head of PE)

What made you want to become a teacher?

I loved sport as child and knew I wanted to be a PE teacher from age 14. My grandparents were house parents at Dulwich College in the 1920s and gave their school houses the Native American names which still survive today (and at DPS in Cranbrook).

What do you enjoy most about Vinehall?

The beautiful grounds, my brilliant colleagues in the staff room and any child who supports Spurs.

What are you planning that you are most excited about?

Early retirement in July.

Best teaching memory:

Teaching for a year at Scots College in Sydney, Australia. I still keep in touch with a pupil from my form in 1993 who is now a big noise at Tate & Lyle. I had support coaching my U11 sports teams from Tony Grieg (England Captain), Test Match Cricketer, Trevor Chappell, and the Australian national rugby coach, David Brockhoff.

When you are not in the classroom you are most likely to be …

Playing cricket for Streat &Westmeston cricket club or writing my children’s novel.

Something not many people know about you is …  

Paul McCartney once told me to tuck my shirt in before I went in to class. His thank you letter is the teaching memento I treasure the most.