What is your role at Vinehall?

I’m a Year 2 teacher and Head of Pre Prep. 

What subject/s do you teach?

As a Year 2 teacher I teach all subjects but English is my favourite, followed by Maths. I also run the Nature Detectives club, which I love! 

What made you want to become a teacher?

I grew up in schools and apparently I was always bossy (according to my family!) 

What do you enjoy most about Vinehall?

Being outside in our beautiful grounds. I went to school here as well so Vinehall feels like home. 

What are you planning that you are most excited about?

I’m looking forward to the Pre-Prep Christmas plays! 

What is your best teaching memory?

Every day here is an amazing memory made, so there are far too many to choose from. Recently it was ‘leaf leaping’ in Nature Detectives! 

When you are not in the classroom I am most likely to be …

At the beach with my dog. 

Something not many people know about you is …  

Mr Whitehead gave me my first and only Bad Copy when I was in Year 7. I’ve never got over it!