Rugby 7s Tournament at Cumnor House

The U13 boys travelled to Cumnor House for a rugby 7s tournament to start the rugby season. Click here to read more 

Rugby v Marlborough House

U13A                         Won 40-10

The U13s travelled to Marlborough House for their first match of the regular season.  In a scrappy game with moments of excitement, the boys put in a solid first performance.  The brief was clear – go forward and pass the ball about; and, with the boys doing exactly that, in the first half we ran in six unanswered tries through Freddie P x 2, Freddie L, Gryff W, Zuriel N and Sam H.  The second half was a completely different matter, with Marlborough House making far more tackles; and, with our handling letting us down, we were unable to find any consistency and were unable to put together any decent phased attacks.  Marlborough House scored two well taken tries, which did then spark our attack into life, with Zuriel N running in two tries from a distance. A good first result!

Matt McKinnon


U12                             Lost 3-8

In the opening match of the rugby season against Marlborough House the Vinehall team scored first with a solo run from Captain Henry I.  The opposition soon got into their stride and began to score at frequent intervals against some lack lustre defending.  Gustave D showed how it was done with some brave and effective tackles against some bigger units.  There was some fight and fire from Rory R, Henry I, Gustave D and Jason X that kept the opposition on their toes but in the end we were worthy of only second place.

Nick Butcher


Colts A

The Colts A team travelled away to Marlborough House for their first rugby match of the season. With Marlborough having both A&B teams, all the boys joined together in a lengthy warm-up before proceeding to play in a round robin type tournament.  Vinehall managed to get the upper hand against their B team, scoring a number of tries.   Although the team defended well, they were outplayed by the opposition’s A team.  No scores were recorded as both schools felt as this was their first fixture of the season the matches were played as a training exercise.

Jon Newman


U10                                 Lost 10-35

The U10s played their first match of the season against Marlborough House and the children from both sides showed a fantastic attitude and worked really hard on different parts of the game.  Many haven’t played much rugby before today’s game.  We started with a 20-minute touch match, which warmed the boys up and they started to move the ball through hands.

We later played a 20-minute contact match and, although a lot of mistakes were made, the desire and bravery shown was excellent.  Zain J scored a lovely try after some excellent passing plays.  Christopher N and James L really led the side well and showed some excellent leadership skills and helped the less experienced players during the match.

Well done boys.

Zac A


U8 and U9 Rugby v St Andrew’s

The U8 and U9 boys travelled to St Andrew’s for their first rugby matches of the season.  We were very concerned that the games would not take place; however, the rain stopped for just long enough to allow us to play.  Both sets of fixtures were extremely enjoyable, with the boys running with purpose.  The tackling, passing and commitment on the U9 pitch was particularly pleasing to see.  Well done to everyone that took part and we look forward to following their continued progress in the run up to Christmas!

Matt McKinnon


Girls’ Hockey

U13 UKSA Hockey Tournament

At the last competition of their hockey season the U13 put in a fantastic performance at the UKSA tournament. Click here for more 


Girls’ Netball – v Claremont

U9  Drew 5-5              Won 3-0               POM: Wynnie G

We were expecting to play a festival against a few schools but, due to the weather, Claremont cancelled the other schools and we went indoors to play a match.  The U9 played Claremont U9A team and this was a well matched game.  It was 3-3 at half time and then finished 5-5, with Grace scoring the equalizer in the last seconds.  Frankie F did exceptionally well playing up a year and scoring three goals, with Grace B scoring two.  Wynnie G moved into defence to replace our usual GD and was fabulous making many interceptions.  Lexi F and Isla M scooped up any loose balls at GK and made some good interceptions.  Isobel F adjusted well at Centre, linking well with Felicity M and Alessandra K to provide good balls to the shooters.  A lovely game – well done.

The girls then played against Claremont’s U9B team.  It was clear that we were the stronger side, taking an early three-goal lead, Grace scoring two and Frankie one.  The girls were starting to drive into space and passed the ball with better accuracy.  Overall, I was really pleased with all their efforts and the progress they are making, especially when some of the girls were adjusting to playing in different positions.

Laura Percy-White


The heavy rain showers meant that the netball festival was cancelled but Vinehall had two lovely matches in the games hall against Claremont.  In the first match Alara K played at goal attack and scored a goal.  In the second match Frankie F scored two.  The teams were very evenly matched and all the Year 3 girls played well.  In fact I think it was the best performance from Vinehall to date! Matilda B was strong at goal keeper and Mia G at centre but well done to all the girls.

Aileen Cheevers