Football v Skipper’s Hill

1st      Drew 3-3

An excellent hat-trick by Alvaro MN enabled Vinehall to continue their good form against a strong Skipper’s Hill team. With Vinehall creating some excellent opportunities in front of goal and having the lion’s share of the ball in the first half, it was a surprise that the scores were level at 1-1 at half time. The second half proved to be a more even affair, with both teams scoring twice in what was a thoroughly enjoyable game with a draw being the correct result.

Jon Newman

2nd      Won 4-1

As well as adapting to having only five players on the team for this week’s match and playing on a shorter field, the Vinehall 2nd team proved once again that it isn’t about the number of players you might have, but rather the skill and effort that can make any team successful. Determination and resilience were evident in every team member.  Playing at home this time around, the boys still came away with win after five 10-minute quarters and no substitutions between them.

Special mention must go to Charlie P and Harris C, scoring a brace between them, with a highlight coming from Harris when he scored all the way from the halfway line whilst primarily playing in the defence!  Lucas C’s goalkeeping was tremendous, never giving up and keeping the pace high.  When playing out of the goals, Lucas’ efforts with communication and concentration lifted the bar for the rest of the players to follow.  And, when it comes to the most improved player this time around, Patrick L demonstrated the value of the midfield position by staying with the movement of the field, adding to his skillset after being reminded not to be afraid to take possession. Well done, Patrick.

We were proud at their efforts on the attack, as the smaller playing field gave them the chance to be flexible with their positions and let them consider adaptability to their play, rather than commitment to their sole positions of ‘wing’ or ‘defence’, for instance. However, a focus on defence will have to be made in future training; the relationship between quick decision-making and marking the opposition needs to be in the forefront of the players’ minds, whether that be when possession is taken away from them, or they must know who to mark with when the other team’s throwing in from the line.

With ‘adaptability’ being the recurring theme, we were very proud of their match this week.

Finn Harrison

Colts A     Drew 4-4

The Colts A played against a strong Skipper’s side and drew 4-4.  It was such an entertaining match for the neutral and fair result.  Vinehall dominated the first half and went 1-0 up at the break, Albert M scoring with a nice finish to a lovely team move.  The second half was very even and, after the Vinehall boys went down 2-1, we started to play some great football.  Henry C scoring from the half way was a highlight.

The boys went 4-2 down, with Skipper’s taking their chances.  With a minute to go the boys dug deep and scored two goals, and even had a chance to win it with the last kick of the game!

Well done boys!  I was so proud of you all.

Zac Attwood

Colts B     Lost 1-6

The Colts Bs showed much improvement in their match against Skipper’s Hill, moving the ball quicker and with better accuracy and game sense, despite their loss.

Max P and Harrison W offered excellent performances in goal, aided by Max C and Monty P in defence.  Tristan S and Louis L showed great improvement in the midfield, adapting to the fast-moving game and opening up ample space for strikers Felix G and James H.  What the team lacked in defence they made up for with admirable ball control and dazzling manoeuvres that frequently discombobulated the opposition.

The boys held their heads high; it was a challenging and entertaining game.

Thomas Howard

Colts C     Lost 2-3

The result may not have gone our way, but I could not have been prouder of the boys and their efforts against a very good Skipper’s team.  Playing downhill in the first half helped and with Victor J peppering their goal and Edward M, Archie M and Jack L running hard at the opposition, it was only a matter of time before we scored; and what a goal it was, Victor smashing in a long-range effort that left all watching speechless.  What followed our goal would best be described as surviving a siege of immense proportions!  Skipper’s were able to keep the ball and started an onslaught that Kingsley N, Joshua G and William H were able to repel time and time again.  In the middle of the siege Kingsley pulled off one of the greatest saves I have ever seen on a school boy pitch.  Soon after we were able to break and, winning a free kick, Victor stepped up and scored his second, 2-0 the half time score.

The second half proved to be just as immense, with both teams creating a number of chances.  Then, with five minutes to go, we conceded what was a fantastic long-range goal and shortly after two more.  All three looked almost identical and hats off to the Skipper’s boy for his wonderful hat-trick. A 2-3 loss, but one could not fault the efforts of the entire team and by far their best performance of the season.

Matt McKinnon

Football v Beechwood

U8     Won 3-2

The score line for the U8s was an exact replica to that of the U9s. George B opened the scoring after a fantastic run from within his own half and good finish, with 1-0 the half time score. Arthur P was kept busy in goal and made a number of fine saves. We started the second half brightly with Charlie E-H, Rex L and Lucas M getting stuck in. Harry M was able to get on the end of a pass and convert fortunately through the goalie’s legs. Beechwood came back very strongly and scored two very quick goals, one whilst the Vinehall defence were having a wonderful chinwag. The boys kept going and Harry was able to rifle a shot into the top corner, 3-2 the final score in a very even and competitive  game of football.

Matt McKinnon

U9     Won 3-2

The U9s started well and took a 2-0 advantage into half time, Jamie M and Charlie C scoring. Beechwood came back strongly to level the game midway through the second half, only for Charlie C to score an absolute screamer for Vinehall to finish the game 3-2. Harvey W and Masa M played well in attack and defence and Elliot C worked hard to get on the ball. Credit must also go to Alexander J who played well in goal.

Jon Newman




U13 Girls’ IAPS Tournament Plate Winners

An exhilarating day of hockey took place at Eastbourne College on Monday.  The girls had a tough draw in the group stages in which they did not have the best start to the tournament.  They played Dulwich first which resulted in 0-0 draw.  Then they lost to St Andrew’s 0-2.  In the final match, the girls played against a strong Great Walstead, who had dominated against the other teams in our group.  This was a well-contested even match, drawing 1-1 after Imogen W scored to equalise.  There were a few chances in the second half but ultimately it was Great Walstead that scored to win 2-1.  Finishing 3rd in the group, we qualified for the plate.

Quarter-Final v Sandroyd

After some lunch and team chat, the girls knew they had to win the quarter final or they were heading back to school for lessons and they certainly upped their game.  They comfortably won 3-0 with two goals from Imogen and one from May A.

Semi-Final v Thomas’s Battersea

The girls were growing in confidence and it was Imogen who scored both goals to take a 2-0 lead into half time.  However, the opposition managed to claw a goal back and then in the final 10 seconds, the opposition were awarded a penalty stroke.  Clara F saved the day and the team from having to go to penalties by making the save, finishing the game 2-1, phew!

FINAL v Dulwich

After that close call, the girls were reminded to be aware of the time left and if they are winning to run down the clock through possession play.  We had played Dulwich earlier with a no scoring draw.  The fact these two teams were in the final reflects how strong our group stages were and even more so when both the other teams qualified for nationals.  However, Vinehall had been playing better and better throughout the tournament.  Camilla B, Grace W and Daisy D were moving the ball quicker and playing their roles well.  Seren W and Imogen picked up their work rate in the middle and May helped out defensively.  Dulwich could not find a way through our defensive set up. Imogen managed to break through to score and so did May to take a 2-0 lead at half time.  Dulwich did step up in the second half and scored within 40 seconds.  It was game on.  Through hard grind and team work, they managed to get the ball through to Imogen to score again and give them some breathing space.  In the last 30 seconds, Seren dribbled the ball down into the opposition’s pocket to get it far away from goal and use up the remainder of time left.  Final score 3-1 and WINNERS OF THE PLATE.

An amazing achievement and a brilliant display of hockey by all the girls.  They grew in confidence and determination each in match and were the deserving winners!

Laura Percy-White

Girls’ Hockey v Claremont

1st    Won 7-2

Fatigue from the IAPS tournament was definitely a key factor in the start of this match. The girls were sluggish and it was very scrappy for the first 10 minutes. Although we created a few chances, it was Claremont who scored the opening goal. That was what was needed for them to switch on, tidy up and play with crisp determination. The attack unit of May A, Seren W and Imogen W started to create triangles to pull the defence apart and soon Seren scored to equalise. Imogen then found a way through to take the lead. Just before half time Seren added another goal. Although it was 3-1 at half time, it didn’t feel comfortable. The girls regrouped, organised themselves to remember to be goal side defensively and keep to their structure and shape. It was a better second half; Camilla B controlled the back and helped settle Matilda S (playing up for the 1st team) to be in the correct position.  Matilda grew into the game and was awarded player of the match for her efforts. Grace W was solid on the wing, delivering brilliantly accurate balls every time. May was rewarded for her efforts by scoring the next two goals. Attacking they dominated and it was Imogen who scored a further two goals to complete a hat-trick. Clara F continued to make some essential saves the few times it came through; however, Claremont did manage to score another goal and that was due to not keeping to our shape and picking up players in the middle channel. It was an intense game, but the girls worked through it. Well done!

Laura Percy-White

2nd   Won 6-2

This was a strong performance from the girls. They used the space and moved the ball well. The first half was well-matched and, although Elizabeth O opened the scoring, it didn’t take long for Claremont to equalise. Vinehall had plenty of chances to score, but Elizabeth then broke through again to take the lead. Although May A (stepped in to be goalie) made some great saves to the crowd’s delight, Claremont soon slipped one past to equalise again to be 2-2 going in to the second half.  The girls were asked to play more of the same, it was so good, but just to look up because at times they could head directly to goal. In the second half, the girls pressed on. Elizabeth O scored another to complete a hat-trick. Matilda S wanted to have a go at getting on the score board; she dribbled all the way from the 16 straight into the D and her hard work was rewarded with a goal. Elizabeth H had made some brilliant runs and was rewarded with two goals, with one being from a short corner. Iciar MRR and Rosie D were fabulous on the wings, making some strong drives and offloading the ball at the right time. India A moved up to centre forward and placed herself in good positions creating spaces for her mid players to drive into. Matilda S was fantastic at centre back, a position she is far more comfortable with and deserved player of the match. Tilly R returned to her team as goalie for the second half and, although relatively quiet, she did make some saves when it came her way. A dominant second half and a well-deserved win.

Laura Percy-White

3rd   Won 6-2

The Vinehall 3rd team played two shorter matches against Claremont’s 3rd and 4th teams this week and won against both. Isla H and Anna M managed to find their way through to the goal and score. Paula RP did a great job as centre back and remembered always to stay ‘goal side’ of their attacking players. She made some excellent clearances and took advantage of our wings Elsie B and Poppy C, who placed themselves well on the wide pitches.  Isla H, Jimenna LF-X and Berta AP all demonstrated how much their stick skills have improved; it was so good to see some of them using their dummies and dodges.  With lots of positives from this match, there are still a few areas which could be improved. Their sweeps, push passes and hits could definitely be stronger; putting some power into them would be great next time!

Emily Everist

U11      Lost 5-8

Wow! What an exciting game.  They really pulled it together this week and played with grit and determination.  They listened and acted on instructions and played well as a team. There was some lovely fluid play which ended in successful goals and some very good near misses.  Skye R did some great saves in goal and Blanca PD  has found her spot in defence.  Isla Mc worked hard out on the pitch and it was good to see her out of goal.  Well done to all; I thoroughly enjoyed the positive energy I gained from this match.  Alessandra K was the well-deserved player of the match.

Louise Barrett

U10       Won 3-1

A clear autumnal sun bathed the Claremont astro in light and warmth as the players took to their task. Both sides had eight players. Often these can all be accommodated simultaneously (albeit in a seven-a-side match!) but, playing across the pitch, there just wasn’t enough room. So, my opposite number and I decided to play four-a-side plus goalkeeper, which worked much better. In a diamond formation, the players could learn about left and right, forward and back – rather than everyone running around like headless chickens playing Clusterball!

Consequently, positional awareness improved, as did passing the ball, defence and attack. Both teams benefitted and appeared to enjoy the afternoon!

Ed Gilsenan

Girls’ Netball v Claremont


Another great afternoon of netball. Both year groups were mixed up for Bee netball. The passing and movement continues to improve each game. Defensively they are remembering to stick with their opponent. They played six mini matches and Vinehall had the majority of wins, quite a few draws and a couple of losses. The girls’ shooting continues to be impressive; we are spoilt for choice of shooters, which bodes well for the future. Well done to all!

Laura Percy-White




Football v Marlborough House

1st      Won 2-1

They sometimes use the cliché in football ‘a game of two halves’.  Well this match certainly proved that point, with Vinehall dominating the first half going 2-0 up with two well taken goals from Alvaro MN, the second a superb counter attacking team goal that would have graced any 1st team now or of recent past. In the second half the boys allowed Marlborough to get back in the game, enabling them to scored midway through the half. The last ten minutes Vinehall were under lots of pressure around their goalmouth as Marlborough searched for an equaliser.  However, Vinehall stood firm to record their first victory of the season.

Jon Newman

Colts A v The Mead and Marlborough House

The Colts A played both The Mead school and MHS and both matches were very competitive. Vinehall drew 3-3 with the Mead and won 1-0 against MHS. Both good results, although we didn’t play particularly well in both games. Yoshi C was the star man, scoring three goals and working tirelessly throughout.

The boys have really started to get a winning mentality and are playing with confidence. They are a pleasure to coach and I am looking forward to next week already. Well done boys.

Zac Attwood


Colts B Lost 1-5 

The Colts Bs share a unanimous and insatiable desire to score goals and play offensively and, while this hunger is admirable, it does expose the team’s defensive vulnerabilities.

That is not to say the loss in this week fixture was without its fair share of commendable football prowess. Despite limited experience in goal, Harrison W had two miraculous saves, while Max C gave The Mead frequent grief with his stellar defending. James H, Tristan S and Max P all shone in their offensive positions, with many on target attempts and one that rewarded Max with a goal in his first game for the team. Ollie A, a veteran of the Colts Bs, assisted newcomers Felix G and Monty P in their debut game, and the three would be Musketeers were invaluable in their adaptive midfield positions.

With some work on passing and team chemistry, the Colts Bs can undoubtedly thrive in their fixtures as they have frequently proven in training. Using cohesion and teamwork, their games continue to be enjoyable for the team and tantalisingly close to technically and creatively brilliant football.

Thomas Howard

Colts C v The Mead played at Marlborough House

Yes, you did read the heading correctly. We travelled to Marlborough House to play The Mead, in what proved to be a most enjoyable afternoon of football. Both teams were very evenly matched and the battle to break through the congested midfield was fierce. With neither team able to hold on to possession for any length of time, opportunities on goal were few and far between. Our entire team stuck to their roles and, after some great work from Edward M, William H and Jack L, Victor J was able to unleash a long-range effort that hit the post then the stricken Mead goalie, crossing the line to make 1-0 the half time score.

The second half took a very similar pattern, with Joshua G and Kingsley N getting involved with a number of timely tackles. With Archie M driving the team forward with a blistering break, a shot on target forced a Mead defender to handle the ball in the box and the referee had no choice but to point to the spot. Jack L stepped up and although the goalie was able to save the penalty, quick thinking and great following up meant he was able to put the rebound into the bottom corner.  2-0 is how the game finished, a score line that could have been a lot closer had it not been for the tireless effort of the entire team on a beautiful October afternoon.
Matt McKinnon

Football v Skippers Hill

U8 & U9 

In an evenly contested afternoon of football, the U8 & U9 boys did extremely well on both pitches. The U9s battled their way to a hard fought 4-3 victory, with Charlie C scoring three and Masa M the fourth. Mr Newman was pleased with the result that could have gone either way.

U9 Team: Harvey P, Charlie, C, Elliot C, Masa M, Jamie M & Alexander J.

The U8s played two games. The first ended 2-2, with Arthur P and Harry M scoring, after some lovely team play. The second match was a scrappy affair, but the whole team worked tirelessly, coming out on top 3-0.

U8 Team: George B, Charlie EH, Harry M, Arthur P, Rex L & Luca M.

Matt McKinnon


U11 Tournament

U11 Girls’ Hockey Tournament

Girls’ Hockey v Sutton Valence


This week Vinehall were up against Sutton Valence. The girls had a strong start, keeping the score down to 0-0 by halftime. However, the second half proved to be tougher.  Sutton Valence managed to score four goals in the third quarter, taking the lead. India P made some fantastic saves in goal and cleared the ball really well when she could. Vinehall had a few chances at goal but found it challenging to position their shots accurately. None of the girls let the goal difference phase them and kept their heads in the game. Before the last quarter, I set the girls a target to try and get at least one goal as this was proving difficult. The girls fought hard and eventually Honor H scored a well-deserved goal – yay!  Isla B demonstrated more confidence in her passing and tackling, so well done to her. All the girls are finally starting to grasp the idea that taking free hits quickly really helps! They are also beginning to understand how important ‘space’ is. Sutton Valence nominated Frankie F as player of the match. Final score 1-6.

Emily Everist


A rather challenging game. Several members of the team lacked any enthusiasm which made play very hard for the rest of the team. It is a tiring game with a lot of back and forth as the ball changes direction and it is tough on everyone. Zara SW did a great job in goal making some great saves. She listened to advice and acted on it. Frances S worked so hard and with great determination throughout the whole game, as did Matilda B who got many balls out of the D. The girls did listen to instructions and tried hard, but they must hold their space and be more determined to head for goal.

Louise Barrett

Girls’ Netball v Marlborough House


Team: Hattie R, Margot C, Olivia C, Yuzu M, Seren K.

Once again, the U9s displayed their foundational skills of space and communication against Marlborough House in a Round Robin set-up, never forgetting the importance of their dispositions: Billy Bee’s collaboration and the resilience of Terry Tortoise certainly spring to mind! On that Thursday afternoon, the girls ended the first match in a draw, starting with their concentration Caps switched on with a goal from Margot C.  They kept their heads held high for the rest of the day, making sure they knew who they were paired with from the opposition and committed to attack, possession and defence. The girls should be really proud of the skills they produced, as well as look forward to their improvement of their confidence in making those quick decisions – passing, guarding, shooting – as well as getting back onto the court next week!

It was the return match after playing Beechwood a few weeks ago and what a difference a few weeks make. Last time the girls were pipped at the post to lose by one goal and they didn’t really understand the concept of defending. Fast forward to this week and they were marking up and turning over possession constantly. They were very quick to burst out into space and moved the ball equally as fast to post. Some fantastic shooting by many of the girls.  Rosie A was our main goal scorer, but there were also goals from Lucie B, Margot C, Amelia A and Seren K. Lucie was awarded player of the match; she made many interceptions and chased down any loose balls. The whole team showed many of the Vinehall dispositions – they were collaborative (worked well together to succeed), resilient (never gave up) and reflective (implemented advice given and looked to improve). I was very proud of them all.

Laura Percy-White

Team: Amelia A, Rosie A, Lucie B and Yuzu M.

This team were super speedy from the start and worked hard like Billy Bee. They played really well as a team, bursting into space when they had possession and moving the ball quickly down the court. They were also quick to find and stick with their marker when they didn’t have the ball to try and win back possession. They won all of their matches against each of the three Marlborough House teams. All four players scored!  Special mention to Rosie who scored 20 GOALS!!! Yuzu scored two, Lucie and Amelia scored one each. To score 24 goals is amazing and they only conceded 3 – an impressive goal average of 21. However, put stats to one side, the main thing is they had lots of fun and played lots of netball. It really was a fantastic afternoon of netball and they LOVED the well earnt match tea … so did the opposition!

Laura Percy-White

It is always a pleasure taking the Year 3 girls for their netball matches; spirits are always high and their teamwork is super! Each week all the girls improve on their spatial awareness, passing and marking. I am proud of everyone for having a go at shooting and well done Betsy S, Niobe G, Alexandra C and Indira H for scoring.

Emily Everist