Boys’ Cricket v Marlborough House

Colts A 

The Colts A played their final match of the season, a soft ball 20 over match against a strong Marlborough House side. We went into bat first and managed 50-9 from 20 overs. Henry C managed a lovely 6 and Zain J batted, well but ultimately we couldn’t get the runs we needed.

Marlborough House went into bat needing just 51 for the win and they managed that from 8 overs. However Vinehall bowled 7 of their opponents out and had a very good chance of winning the match at one stage, Henry C, Zain J and Yoshi C with the wickets.  Unlucky boys.

Zac Attwood

Colts B 

Colts B v Marlborough House

‘Eventful’ is probably the best way to describe the last match of the season for the Colts B cricketers. Beamers, no balls, wides,  boundaries, overthrows, run outs, dropped catches, great catches, direct hits – the list is endless. Batting first we posted a respectable 160 after our allotted 16 overs. Mr Extra was very kind, gifting us 56 of those runs. In reply Marlborough House batted well, eventually finishing on 170 off their 16 overs. A close game that went down to the last over and a result that could very easily have gone the other way. It has been very pleasing to see the progress the boys have made over the course of the term and I encourage them to keep playing over the long summer break.

Matt McKinnon

Girls’ Cricket v Brambletye

 1st team 

For many of our girls, it was the end of an era. The last fixture representing Vinehall and our last minibus journey together! Feeling nostalgic, I remember many of them being excited by their first fixture back in Year 3 and a lot smaller; now many of them are the same height if not taller than me. The journey to Brambletye was a long one; however, plenty of singing helped to pass the time.

The girls were aiming to have an unbeaten season but unfortunately that was not to be the case against a very accomplished team. The girls didn’t play badly, but the opposition were simply better. They struggled to adapt to playing on an astro, the boundary was small and so was the crease. It was the opportunity to score plenty of 4s and 6s, but the slick speed of the opposition’s bowling put a stop to that. The amount of wickets conceded (11) put a spanner in the works and the girls struggled to build up the score.

Highlights were Clara F’s batting; she clawed some much needed runs, with three 4s and two 6s, and she deserved to receive batter of the match as she scored 22 runs with Camilla B. Clara’s bowling was also impressive. Olivia H made a fantastic catch and nearly made another one straight away on the next ball. Clemmie D, Clara F and Francesca F (x2) all took wickets from bowling, with Francesca rightfully receiving bowler of the match for her efforts.  Francesca and Olivia S took the right risks to score many individual runs, clocking up 21 runs. Overall, the fielding went well; it just wasn’t their day whilst batting. They should be proud of the fantastic season they have had and it has been wonderful to watch them play some fixtures again.

Laura Percy-White

2nds Lost 322 – 325

Another good match for these girls. A really close game and they tried very hard.  There was some good batting, with Ottoline G whacking a massive 6 which flew over the fence of the astro!  She totally surprised herself.  Ottoline  G also got a wicket along with Polly S and Imogen W;  and May A got two.  Some sloppy fielding  allowed Brambletye to score a few runs, but the girls realised this and tightened up.  A challenge playing on the astro, but a good game none the less.

Louise Barrett


Brambletye won the toss and elected to field first.  Elizabeth O and Matilda S got us off to a flier, amassing a 17 runs for no wicket from their two overs.  Isabelle G and Elizabeth H continued the pressure, with a further 14 runs for no wicket from their two overs.  A great start, indeed.

We hit a slight lull then, due to some better bowling and tighter fielding; however, Mia C and Isabelle G managed to get us up to a very respectable total of 242 after our 10-over innings.

Now to the field we went and it was a tale of quite superb catching.  We always joke that ‘catches win matches’ and I cannot think of a match where so many quite brilliant catches were made – we took six in total, the best shared between Mia C, the Elizabeths and Rosie D. Superb!

With such great fielding, the bowlers enjoyed themselves. Matilda S and Tallulah C were probably the pick, but Rosie D, Elizabeth O and Isabelle G also restricted Brambletye to very few runs on the day.  They managed only 214 from their 10 overs, leaving us with 28 RUN WIN! Hooray!

Joff Powis


On a lowering, glowering afternoon with the understated menace of rain in the air, the players took to the pitch like alligators to the swamp. For, despite the best diligence of our superb groundsmen, it was pretty soggy underfoot. However, this was nothing that a bit of sawdust and determination couldn’t overcome.

Brambletye had ten players, Vinehall five, so even this umpire could cope with the batting maths! Brambletye won the toss and chose to field. Some bowling was mixed, some of it very dangerous – on or near the off-stump – and they deserved the wickets they got. From a starting total of 100, Vinehall made 151 – 2.

Brambletye came in to bat, after very kindly lending Vinehall the requisite number of fielders (one of whom, to demonstrate her noble intentions, very sportingly caught one of her team-mates out!) They made 135 – 3.

Result: Vinehall won by 16 runs.

Ed Gilsenan

Junior Girls Cricket

It was the final match of the season for our lovely Juniors. They had a long mini bus ride over to Brambletye but were very enthusiastic nonetheless. On arrival, they were quickly organised into three teams and off they went to play.  However, it was not long before some hands raised, asking to go to the loo. So between playing a match and nipping up to the loo, somehow they managed to get through the game with little disruption. There were lots of positives to take from the matches, some excellent bowling from the girls and some moments of good batting. The staff from Brambletye complimented the girls on their excellent behaviour whilst waiting their turn to bat, and I was very proud. After some match tea and all trips to the loo completed, they jumped back onto the bus to sing their way back to school. It was a positive and lovely way to finish the season. Well done girls.

Laura Percy-White