We are very proud of all of our children who work hard to achieve their absolute best in all areas of Vinehall life.

This hard work often results in children being referred for Scholarships at their Future Schools.

We are delighted to announce that the following Scholarships have been awarded this year so far;

Sarah KB: Academic Scholarship, Brighton College

Dylan P: Academic Scholarship, Eastbourne College

Joseph K: Academic Scholarship, Eastbourne College


Lancelot L:  Music and Academic Exhibition, Charterhouse

Mimi G: Music, Eastbourne College


James B: Academic Scholarship, Uppingham

Freddie O: Academic Scholarship, Tonbridge

Josh O: Academic Scholarship, Woodbridge and Academic Exhibition, Culford

Hettie R: Art Scholarship, Eastbourne and Swimming Scholarship, King’s Canterbury

Louis D:  Basil Hume Scholarship for Theatre,  Ampleforth

Siwoo R:  Academic, Dulwich College

Daniel M: Music and Performing Arts, Battle Abbey

Lucy M: Performing Arts, Battle Abbey

Brandon P:  Performing Arts and Music, Battle Abbey

Monty D: Nigel Wheeler Sports Scholarship, Eastbourne

Daniella F: All-Rounder Scholarship, Gordonstoun