Scholarships are available for children applying for entry into Years 3-7 in Academic, Sport, Art, Music and Drama/Performing Arts.

Scholarship candidates are assessed in their chosen area by means of a practical assessment with the relevant school department.  All candidates are also required to complete written papers, comprising verbal reasoning, maths, reading (comprehension) and creative writing.  For those applying for a scholarship in sport, art, music and drama/performing arts, these written papers are required to assess the level of a candidate against other children in the appropriate school year.  They are not used as the deciding factor when Scholarships are offered.

Scholarships are non means-tested and are worth 10% of the basic school fees.  In addition to this award the school have a dedicated means-tested bursary support that can be used to augment scholarships.


To apply for a scholarship, please complete the below form (together with a bursary application, if required) and send to 

call 01580 883090 , email  or click here for more information or to book a visit