This is, of course, a highly unusual and challenging time for everyone, but please know that we are here to help and support families in any way that we can.

We have introduced a revised Remote Learning timetable, with lessons taught live using Microsoft Teams. (Please see the guidance attached at the bottom of the page for how to use Teams.) The children’s mental health and wellbeing are at the forefront of our minds at this time, and the revised timetable has been put together to ensure they have at least a few minutes away from their screens at regular intervals throughout the day.  Between each lesson there is a minimum of a ten-minute break to give the children a chance to stretch their legs and get a glass of water or go to the loo.

During the longer breaks at 10.30am and after lunch, the children should be encouraged to spend some time outdoors, even if it is freezing cold or pouring down with rain!  Being outside will help clear their minds and any physical activity will stimulate a sense of wellbeing.

Children benefit from structure, including keeping to normal bedtime routines and getting up in good time to have breakfast before meeting with their form tutors in the morning.  It is also important that children have a space in which to do their work.  We would discourage allowing children to work in their bedrooms and suggest that a shared family space, such as a dining room, would work best, allowing you to monitor their learning but, where possible, also allowing them to work independently.  The children should have their cameras on during lessons.  Whilst we appreciate that broadband bandwidth can be an issue, having cameras turned on undoubtedly improves the learning experience.