W/E 1st July 

The Nursery and Kindergarten really enjoyed their transition morning, exploring their new classes and finding fun things to play with and are all looking forward to September. Mrs Norman had an amazing ‘moving on’ assembly, and would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who made her feel so special; she has said she will keep all the decorations on her car until the rain washes them off!


W/E 28th June

This week the Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten children put on two fantastic performances of Helping Humpty Dumpty. They sang and danced enthusiastically and smiled all the way through – well done to you all! Mrs Bennett came in to show us her three very cute turtles: Snap, Crackle and Pop and we are all allowed to gently stroke their shells.

The Nursery have also been harvesting the fruits of their labour by digging up the lettuces, carrots and herbs and creating a yummy salad!

Happy 3rd birthday to William on 1st July and happy 4th birthday to Amelia on 2nd July! Olivia-Grace and Oliver also turn three in the holidays.

This week the children made the most delicious fish pate. We toasted pitta bread and cut up vegetables to dip in and there were clean plates all round!

We have all welcomed Olivia-Grace’s new baby sister, May, into our Vinehall family. Congratulations to Mummy, Daddy, Rosalind and Olivia-Grace.

The children have spent the whole term practising their races for Sports Day in the Sports Hall as the awful weather has meant we have been unable to use the athletics pitch on any Wednesday, so they are all very excited about the super weather forecast for the 21st! Thank you William, for bringing in your birthday cake to share with us – it was delicious!

W/E 14th June

The children really enjoyed their land, sea and sky art activity lesson with Mrs Konyu this week. They all worked together to help create lovely murals using recycled materials and lots of glue. We are looking forward to seeing their work of art up in Pre-Prep soon!

W/E 7th June

The Nursery have been learning all about the sea. After reading The Rainbow Fish they created their own fish and learnt about sharing their special silver scales and being kind to their friends!

Buzz brought in his enormous shark, Bruce, to join in the fun!

We looked at lots of different shells and made sand castles in our very own sandy beach!

W/E 23rd May 

The Nursery and Kindergarten have had a very buzzy bee week. We designed some fantastic bees, tasted Alice and Annabel’s yummy honey on our home-made bread, made scented soaps using honey – and much more! Florence planted her super pumpkin plant in our garden and we also planted some potato plants that Hattie (in Year 1) gave us; our garden is looking fabulous! Happy birthday, Jonty, for 3rd June!

W/E 17th May

The Year 1 children gave Nursery and Kindergarten their first lesson in coding using a special new Lego train set. They had great fun and are looking forward to their next lesson! Nursery children had a ‘jamming’ session in the woods using fantastic instruments they made themselves. Kindergarten children used the balance scales to weigh out ingredients for baking cup cakes, and enjoyed the finished product!

W/E 10th May

The Nursery and Kindergarten met Keith the groundsman at his workshop and he showed us some of the machinery that he uses to keep the school grounds looking so wonderful. The children have their own builders yard role play area in the classroom and would have loved to ‘borrow’ some of Keith’s drills and saws for it! Happy 4th birthday, Rufus, for this Sunday!

W/E 3rd May

The Nursery children visited Mrs Parkin and the Reception children to see their dinosaurs and the amazing Jurassic world they had created. The children told us lots of things that they had been learning about dinosaurs. We have also been on a walk in the woods to look at the beautiful bluebells.

Kindergarten went on a mini-beast hunt and we found lots of creepy crawlies! Back in the classroom we have been discovering different types of materials and discussing the difference between man-made and natural materials. We also used a big magnet to try and find out which objects were magnetic.

W/E 26th April

This week we went into the sports hall for our first ‘athletics’ lesson! We had lots of races and running around. The children were all very pleased to be back with their friends, with much discussion going on about who had the most chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny!

W/E 29th March 

This week the Nursery have been busy making Easter decorations, and seeing how tall their bean plants have grown. The Kindergarten worked hard on their tricky egg tangrams, and enjoyed making (and eating!) rice crispy nests and playing outside in the warm spring weather. Happy birthday to George (23rd), Felix (26th), and Joshua and Raffy (2nd April) and Happy Easter from all the Nursery and Kindergarten!

W/E 22nd March

It’s been an outdoorsy week in the Nursery and Kindergarten. On Tuesday we were very busy hunting for the Bear on their Bear Hunt! It was wonderful to welcome so many new children to join in with us.

To celebrate the first day of Spring this week we were out with the magnifiers to look for signs of new life. We also sowed carrot seeds in our garden and we planted out Ben’s elderflower plants.

Back in the classroom we all got creative and made beautiful, priceless Faberge eggs!

W/E 15th March

This week Nursery have been checking on their bean plants and seeing how high they have grown. Olivia-Grace brought in some frogspawn from her pond to show us, and all the children were fascinated. Kindergarten performed an ‘egg-speriment’ about the strength of eggs and have been avidly watching the ‘hair’ on their grass seed heads grow. Professor Arlo the robot came and spent a fun day with us!

W/E 8th March

Lawrence’s daddy brought in his huge John Deere tractor to show to the Nursery and Kindergarten children. They loved getting into the cab and ‘driving’ it and they all want to be farmers now! The children had great fun dressing up as their favourite book character for World Book Day – the costumes were amazing. Happy birthday 3rd Alice!

W/E 1st March

The Nursery children had so much fun in the woods this week. They used clay to create faces and Mrs Wolford read the story of The Three Bears. The children made a big bed and a little bed out of sticks and leaves.

We also planted beans and read the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk.

In Kindergarten we have been playing the phonics game with the letter ‘E’. We have also been making the most of the fantastic weather and have been out in our garden doing some weeding in the sunshine and planting two elderflower bushes that were kindly donated to us by Ben’s parents. We have also planted seeds to make a hairy head.

Happy Birthday to Zak and Ava who celebrate their birthdays this weekend!


W/E 15th February 

This week the Nursery have been celebrating Valentines Day! We made clay hearts and will be dancing away at the Valentines disco. We have also been looking forward to spring and weeding the garden in order to plant our seeds after the half term break. The children also had their gym lesson and were absolutely brilliant at throwing and catching the ball with Mrs Towner!

In Kindergarten we decorated Valentine’s Day biscuits for our parents and we also went on a treasure hunt to find the gold coins Captain Hook had hidden in our woods (this was suggested by Ben, who brought in his lovely new pirate toys!).

W/E 8th February

We had a fun week celebrating Chinese New Year, using chopsticks to eat (or knit!) noodles, making dragons and attempting some Chinese writing. We have also been caring for the baby dolls and gave them a bath as one of our themes has been ‘Ourselves’. We have also been learning about how important it is to recycle and we had a look at our new recycling bins in the Pre-Prep corridor.

W/E 1st February

In the Nursery we have had great fun building ‘The Smallest Snowman’ out in the playground!

Back in the classroom we have been creating faces using vegetables.


W/E 25th January

We have been down to the outdoor area this week and we found lots of holes made by moles and rabbits! To warm up we made delicious hot chocolate.

The children have also been learning how they have grown from being a baby and they brought in photos of when they were born and they so enjoyed sharing these wonderful pictures with their friends.

Well done to Jonty and Lawrence! They have both been put on Miss Bidwell’s Wall of Fame as they were very engaged and enthusiastic in all the different activities this week, asking and answering lots of questions.


W/E 18th January

We have been talking about winter and how things can freeze and thaw and the children each had a cup with a ‘surprise’ inside an ice cube; they had to find a place in the classroom to get it to melt. There was also a building session going on with the large Lego. We also thought about the birds in this cold weather and we made bird feeders with seeds and fat.

W/E 11th January

This week we braved the chilly weather and went on a winter walk to the woods where we learned all about fire safety.  We also had a great gym session and for a little musical entertainment the children had a go at playing tunes on a guitar!


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W/E 14th December

It’s been another bust week to bring us to the end of term.  The children loved buying gifts in the Secrets Room and we had an exciting visit from Father Christmas on Wednesday and luckily all our children have been extremely good this year, so they were all very lucky to receive a gift! Last, but not least, Isaac had a birthday and shared a fantastic Thomas cake with his friends.

W/E 7th December

We have been feeling very festive and have been busy making Christmas cookies this week to take home as lovely Christmas gifts.

On Tuesday we welcomed lots of new families for our Santa’s Workshop.  The children decorated gingerbread men and had so much fun and we look forward to seeing many of the children again when they join us in the Lent term.

W/E 30th November

This week we have been rehearsing for our Nativity play and finally Friday arrived and the children were so excited to put on their costumes and perform.  We were delighted to welcome so many parents and everybody enjoyed seeing how hard the children had been practicing. The children sang their hearts out and by the end of the performance there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

The recording will be available soon.

We also had ‘Watch Dance Week’ which was great fun and the children loved showing their parents their dance routines.

W/E 23rd November

In the Nursery this week we have created our own Post Office.  The children have loved writing letters and wrapping parcels and learning all about how Post Offices work.

We have also been very busy rehearsing for our Nativity which takes place next Friday!


W/E 16th November

Watch out, watch out, there are lots of spiders about!

We have been learning the nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider this week and we have made creepy clay spiders too.

We have been making and eating porridge for a fun phonics focus on the letter P! We also played games with the Numicon.

W/E 9th November

Kindergarten have enjoyed learning Humpty Dumpty…they have been changing the words and putting themselves into the rhyme! In Nursery the children have been planting Mary’s garden from the nursery rhyme Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. Lots of beautiful little gardens with silver bells, cockle shells and pretty maids have been springing up in the Early Years! We can’t wait to hear their performance!

CeCe, Savannah and Cressida are three lovely new children that have joined us and they have settled so well and enjoyed a busy week, singing, dancing and making new friends.

W/E 19th October 

Our week started with the wonderful news that Annie and Alice have a new baby brother and we were so excited to meet baby James on Wednesday when Annie proudly showed him off to us all.

We have been thinking about Halloween this week and we got in a sticky mess carving spooky faces in pumpkins and we also made Halloween decorations out of satsumas and we cut out bats to go on top.

Our topic is ‘Rainbows’ this week and we made delicious rainbow cake and we have been singing the rainbow song.

In our woodland learning sessions we went into the woods to learn about forest school rules.


W/E 12th October

This week the Nursery children have been  looking at the colour green.  We tasted lots of different green fruit and vegetables just like Maisie Monkey trying new things! We made frog masks and had great fun singing ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs.’ We also made a camp.

The children have been enjoying showing each other their treasured things that they have brought into school to put in their ‘Special bag’.

W/E 5th October 

We have been busy bees in Nursery and Kindergarten this week using our mechanical BeeBot to learn about programming and coding.  We have had to try to program the BeeBot to move around to certain targets.

We have also continued with our autumn theme by making trees with our arm prints and then leaf printing to add colourful leaves to our trees.

We prepared for our Harvest Festival by making soda bread hedgehogs which was sticky but great fun! We then enjoyed our beautiful Harvest Festival Service on Thursday and we welcomed lots of grandparents who enjoyed looking around our classrooms to see what we have been doing so far this term.

W/E 28th September

We have had an action packed week in Nursery and Kindergarten, with cooking sessions with Chef Bear where we made salmon pate and we also filled the Pre-Prep with delicious smells when we baked bread.

We have made the most of the lovely sunshine by getting outside as much as possible.  We went on a walk in our grounds and looked at all the spectacular autumn leaves on the trees and then we turned our thoughts to next spring by planting daffodil bulbs in our garden. When we got back in the classroom we painted beautiful pictures inspired by our autumn walk, using our hand prints as leaves.

Last, but definitely not least, Lawrence had a birthday!

W/E 21st September

In Nursery and Kindergarten we have had great fun using blackberries as a natural way to tie-dye material.  We also all tasted the blackberries and made some delicious blackberry juice which we all tried.

W/E 14th September

In Nursery and Kindergarten we have been making a start in the Pre-Prep garden by planting herbs in our fantastic new raised beds.  We have also had great fun in our gym class!

W/E 7th September

Our Nursery children, old and new, have settled into the term very well  and have already been having fun in our lovely play area.

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