Good Copies are a reward for children’s work in the classroom.  Good work is rewarded with a star which makes up good copies.  Stars are awarded for improvement and effort rather than pure ability and contribute towards house totals (see House System) and the winning Junior and Senior form each week receive the Form Shield to display in their classroom for one week. When children achieve a certain number of good copies, they are invited to Good Copy Tea in the Headmaster’s House.

Poor work can receive a ‘bad copy’. This results in a ‘minus’ in the good copy total and the poor work has to be shown to the Headmaster.

Credits are a reward for good behaviour and are given for spontaneous acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.  These contribute towards form and house totals and good copy tea.

Poor behaviour is given a red drill.  (Two red drills in a week would result in a detention.)  Yellow drills are given for poor organisation.

Merit badges are awarded to children who have made a special contribution to school life at any stage during the school term.  The badge is worn for one week and this is the highest accolade a child can receive during the term.


Children’s work and behaviour are closely monitored by teaching staff and if concerns do arise, parents are contacted to enable both school and home to work together to resolve matters.