At Vinehall, we want to foster a love of learning for its own sake by encouraging our children to ask questions and think for themselves. We want to encourage our children to develop the necessary skills to work productively as part of a group and to become resilient and reflective learners, unafraid of trying something new or making mistakes.

In the Pre-Prep and Juniors, our programmes of study are based loosely on the National Curriculum, but room is provided for independent thought as well as for our children to find their own identity within a broad and varied curriculum.

Up until Year 3,  children are mostly taught by a single teacher, with subject specialists teaching music, French and games. From Year 4 onwards, pupils are taught by subject specialists in all lessons.

Alongside the established curriculum subjects, pupils at Vinehall have Life Skills lessons; the content of these lessons is broad, ranging from study skills and financial literacy to global citizenship and mental health and well-being. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is also taught as a curriculum subject from Year 5, providing pupils with the opportunity to ‘think like an engineer’ and to develop practical problem-solving skills.

We have high expectations of all our children and expect them to aspire to excellence in all that they do. To encourage them in this we aim to offer a diverse and exciting curriculum, delivered by highly qualified, inspirational teachers.

To find out more about reporting and assessment at Vinehall please click on the Academic Guide below.