In the Michaelmas and Lent Terms, the main team games for boys are Football, Rugby and Hockey, and for girls are Hockey and Netball. In the Summer Term, boys play Cricket and Tennis and girls play Rounders and Tennis. Athletics, Swimming and Gymnastics are also important sports throughout the year, with teams representing the School through all age groups for boys and girls.

Teams in all but the very youngest age groups compete most successfully in inter-school matches, which take place on Wednesday afternoons and occasional Saturdays. Vinehall has an outstanding reputation for sporting excellence, winning medals almost every year at national IAPS events, and many pupils train and compete with county and regional squads.

We ensure that all children are given a chance to represent the School and this usually means there are at least two teams in each year group. Children in Years 3 and 4 are gradually introduced to playing competitive sport in friendly tournaments and matches with schools of similar size. This provides an opportunity for pupils to play in mixed ability teams without over-emphasising the importance of the final result.

The School has its own nine-hole Golf Course, extensive playing fields and a floodlit all-weather Hockey Pitch. There is also an Indoor Sports Complex, which includes a Sports Hall, a gymnastics training hall and an indoor Swimming Pool. There are indoor Cricket Nets, as well as facilities for Badminton, Basketball and Judo. Several specialist coaches in Gymnastics, Swimming, Judo and Tennis and Dance augment the School’s games-coaching staff.

Sport in Summary

Michaelmas Term
BOYS  > Football, Rugby
GIRLS > Hockey

Lent Term
BOYS  > Rugby, Hockey
GIRLS > Netball

Summer Term
BOTH > Athletics
BOYS  > Cricket, Tennis
GIRLS > Tennis, Rounders

All Year Round
Swimming,  Gymnastics