Shape of the day

The school day has been designed to give children a wide variety of activities, ranging from their academic lessons through to sport, drama, music, clubs and time to play in the beautiful grounds.

The Vinehall day starts at 8.15am when the children register in their forms. Lessons start at 8.25am and we try to ensure that the children are taught mathematics and English towards the start of the day.  During the morning we have a long break of twenty five minutes and the children have a snack and play outside.  Assemblies, Form meetings and House meetings take place from 11.55am-12.15pm each day.

Lunch times vary. The younger children come in to the dining room at 12.15pm and the older ages come in at 12.45pm.  Guided Learning, either before or after lunch, allows pupils to read or study an area of the curriculum they enjoy or do some prep with staff available to help if needed.

In the afternoons there is a 20 minute break mid afternoon.

There is a minimum of six hours of sport per week, so our children get plenty of fresh air and exercise.  The academic day finishes at 4.40pm when children are either collected or stay on for our optional enrichment activities /Clubs programme.  This includes a supervised Prep option and children who stay leave at either 5.20pm on the School minibuses or take part in another activity until 6pm.  Boarders’ supper is served at 6pm and day children are welcome to stay for this if they wish.

On Wednesday afternoons children can go home at 4.10pm if they are not involved in matches or wish to stay for clubs.