House System

Each child is allocated to one of the four houses. This is a vertical grouping system encouraging children of all ages to mix together and we aim to keep a balance of gender in each year group in each house. The Houses provide an opportunity for internal competitions in sport, and also other events, such as the music competition, art competition and the annual General Knowledge competition which give the children a focus for their efforts and talents. A shirt in the house colour is worn for house competitions and on sports day. At lunch, the tables are arranged in Houses giving children of different ages the opportunity to sit and chat.

A weekly house meeting takes place every Friday with teachers who represent the house, at which house points and progress are discussed. At the end of every term, the members of the House which has won the most house points go on a special outing.

The Houses

House colour: Blue
Named after: Lord Ashton, who owned Vinehall

House colour: Green
Named after: The Victorian architect believed to have designed the grounds

House colour: Red
Named after: The park in the 19th century

House colour: Yellow
Named after: Nothing!  The name was made up many years ago to follow the same style when another House was needed!

The pupils’ efforts in the classroom are measured through good copies and bad copies. Their behaviour (incurring credits and drills) also counts towards the house points totals. Good copies, bad copies, credits and drills are recorded on the Form Teacher reports each term and are displayed on a weekly basis on the house notice boards in the front hall and in the library.