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Transition into the Prep School

ImageGenPre-Prep is on the same site as the Prep School and often takes part in all the whole school activities enabling close links between our Pre-Prep and the Prep School. Children know many of the Prep School staff before they enter the Prep School as they assist in Pre-Prep, for example the ICT, swimming, gym, music, French and ball skills coaches all teach across both departments.

Throughout the year the Pre-Prep children use the wonderful facilities in the Prep School, such as the ICT Suite and they become very familiar with the layout of the Prep School before transferring.

During the summer term we organise plenty of activities to encourage a smooth transition; the children visit the Year 3 classes, they often have a carpentry or art lesson, enjoy a French picnic, play with the older classes and choose a snack from the break trolley. A highlight is a tour of the Prep School for Year 2 parents and their children with Year 8 guides!