This week in Pre-Prep


W/E 21st September

We had so much fun at Nature Detectives, collecting lots of conkers and huge pine cones. We made a house for Eeyore and collected lots of ‘haycorns’ for Piglet to enjoy! On the way home we found an owl pellet and took it apart to find all the tiny bones inside!

In Reception and Year 1 we have been learning all about hedgehogs for our woodland learning. We thought about building special homes for the hedgehogs to hibernate in. We also made our own hedgehogs using clay and sticks and this encouraged the children to think about the shape and features of a hedgehog, including all 5000 of their spines. We finished by learning a song about hedgehogs which the children created actions to.

Reception have also been enjoying their gym sessions this week and have been trying to master the art of balance!

In Year 1 we have continued with our Italian theme by making calzones.  We started by comparing calzones to pizza and we found many similarities. The children then suggested ingredients we could use to fill our calzones. From these ideas the children created a shopping list of the ingredients they would need.

We started by making the dough base and then we filled it with lovely ingredients. The children had the opportunity to try some of the ingredients that they may not have eaten before such as olives. All of Year 1’s hard work paid off when we heard the buzzer go off for the oven and we were able to pull out our hot, tasty calzones.

W/E 14th September

In Reception we have been learning about our bodies and we made life-size cut outs of our own bodies.  We also have had great fun making pizza faces with healthy ingredients.

Reception and Year 1 found out about the Forest King while woodland learning and how he was given his crown. We then used natural materials from the woodland to make nature crowns.

Year 2 have been learning how to explain things clearly to each other this week. We went through the steps of teeth brushing, revising time connectives and learning what a comma is along the way. We hope our written explanations will help other children in Pre-Prep to know exactly how to look after their teeth!

This week also saw the start of clubs, including our very popular STEM club where we had to design an escape capsule for an egg.  The children had to choose the materials they thought would be best to absorb the most impact. They worked in pairs to create the capsules, we then dropped the eggs in two stages off of the Prep School staircase. We had only one crack in the first round and only one survivor in the second. The children were able to suggest how to make their eggs better if we did the experiment again.

W/E 7th September

It was lovely to welcome the children this week and they have all settled very well into the new term.  We have been having lots of fun outside in the sunshine and 2B went on a walk to explore our beautiful grounds. They gathered fir cones and there was great excitement that the conker season has arrived!

Our Year 1 children have been learning about keeping their teeth clean and healthy and playing at being dentists and we have all enjoyed the delicious, healthy lunches that Chef Ian has prepared for us.

Finally, our Reception children thoroughly enjoyed their first swimming session.