This week in Pre-Prep

W/E 11th January

In Pre-Prep we began the year by tasting some “galette des Rois”, a sweet flaky pastry filled with “pommes” to celebrate the visit of the Three Kings at Epiphany.  Pupils in each class learned how to say “Je voudrais de la galette, s’il vous plaît”, “merci” and “mmmm, c’est bon!”  They took it in turns to wear the “couronne” (crown) and eagerly looked out for the “fève” (charm).

Year 1 started their pirate topic with a treasure hunt around Vinehall.  A mysterious pirate had left us clues to follow! Although we did not find any treasure on our hunt this time we did bump into a rather cheerful pirate named Captain Jill Sparrow. She read us a story and asked if we could share our treasure and the children then used this to inspire their pirate flag designs.

In Reception this term our topic is traditional fairy tales and rhymes and we made muffins while we learned the Muffin Man rhyme and we had fun climbing Jack’s beanstalk!

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