Pastoral Life

9th November 2018

Marshmallow towers – Year 4 worked together to make marshmallow towers.  Their first challenge was not to eat them!  The second challenge was to make sure the tower didn’t fall down.  Some were successful.  They collaborated well!

Differences and Similarities  – Year 6 are looking at ‘Differences and Similarities’ this term in Life Skills.  This week they worked together to make a paper plane or a jenga tower.  They did this with each member of their team either blindfolded, with their eyes shut or their hands tied behind their backs.  They proved they could work through their disabilities but were interested in just how difficult they found it.  Great work and good thinking Year 6!

19th October 2018

Legal Learning for Year 8

5th October 2018

The Great Debate

Year 8 pupils have been looking at the process of making laws.  They have been going through the stages of a Bill as it moves through Parliament before it becomes a Law.  8B debated a Bill which they had drafted – ‘To ban smoking in all public places’.  Pupils wrote arguments for and against, used parliamentary language when referring to each other and gave opening and closing arguments.   They did an excellent job at working through the ‘First Reading’ of the Bill and I really think we have some budding politicians among us!  Well done Year 8.

28th September 2018

Committees Commence

It is Pupil Voice week this week so it is fitting that this is also the week that our School Committees met for the first time this academic year.  We have three pupil committees where representatives from each form come along and tell us what their forms’ views are on various issues.

On Tuesday the Charity committee met (minus our Year 7s who were all singing at Eastbourne) and they were tasked with finding out if pupils want to support three whole-school charities or have a special charity for each form.

On Wednesday the Food Committee met and everyone agreed that they love the new menu at school.  They requested the old favourites too (chips, sausages and banoffee pie!)

On Thursday the School Council met, chaired by our Head Boy and Head Girl and pupils were able to raise issues that are important to them.

Watch this space for updates!

Community – It was 4B’s turn this week to explore their school and find out who are the members of the Vinehall School Community. They found some of our hard working cleaners, our chef, our Head’s PA, the Headmaster and members of our admissions, marketing and bursary team.  They met a brand new face (Ben De Havilland) and said thank you to all the people who work hard for our school.

You were brilliantly behaved as you tiptoed into offices 4B! Well done!

21st September 2018

Community Counts

Pupils in Year 4 have been considering how they are part of a large community at Vinehall and that each member of the community plays their part in making our school a better place.  We all aim to do our best for the benefit of others!  Here are some of the members of the community they met on their travels!

Digital Leaders are Go!

8 members of the school have been selected to complete Childnet’s Digital Leader’s Course.  This is an online course that will result in these pupils becoming Digital Leaders who will teach their peers, parents and teachers how to stay safe online. We are currently on Module 2 and have learned what to do when someone tells us they are being cyber-bullied.

7th September 2018 – Life Skills Begins! 

Year 8 kick-started Life Skills this week by looking at our Parliament and the process of making laws.  They will be visiting the Houses of Parliament in October and will be learning about how laws are made in this country.  They will also be spending time debating.  We may have some future politicians in our midst? 

Charity Thank You – Please see the attached document for our 2017/2018 charity roundup