Pastoral Life

Paxton House Meeting

Paxton House enjoyed this week’s house meeting, making hats from old newspapers!

As part of our Buddy Scheme our Year 6 and year 8 pupils met with their buddies this Thursday during form time. The Year 3 and Year 5 children were delighted to play games with the older pupils and have been enjoying meeting up with their buddies at break times over the last few weeks. One member of Year 5 told a teacher that her buddy always looks out for her at the break trolley.

Saxton House Meeting

This week in Saxton’s house meeting Isla M, Isobel F and Arthur G from Year 3 gave a presentation on the three charities that Vinehall support: MacMillan Cancer Support, SUDC and Red Cross. It was lovely to hear the children speak so confidently and it reminded us all why we are ‘doing our best for the benefit of others’ by helping when we can. As the Red Cross video so aptly told us, we should not underestimate ‘the power of kindness’.  Mr Gilsenan and Mrs Everist were very proud of these younger children.




Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders have been out and about in the last two weeks interviewing pupils for the film that they are making.  We last heard about their work in the Lent term, when they presented to Years 3-6 for Safer Internet Day.  This term they have been putting together ideas to make a film that ‘celebrates the internet’.  Watch out for them next week as they interview the Juniors about the future of the internet.

Louise Payne


W/E 3rd May 2019

Pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have started Online Safety projects in Life Skills this week.

Year 3 have watched the adventure of Lee and Kim and are learning that people may not always be who they first appear to be online.  They will be looking at what personal information is and how to keep it safe.

Year 4 are watching a series about Alfie, Sam and Ellie who are in a band and share their videos online.  The band make mistakes along the way and Year 4 have learned about what to share and what not to share.

Year 5 have started the Be Internet Legends project and will this week navigate through Mind Mountain in Interland. They have learned about oversharing.

Year 6 are looking critically at information they may find online and how to assess whether the information is reliable.



W/E 26th April

There is a lot going on in PSHE on internet safety for pupils in Years 3-5!