We were delighted to receive this testimonial from a new Vinehall parent.


Choosing a new school for your 6 year old daughter is certainly a tricky endeavour.  There are many factors to consider, not the least of which is that you are acutely aware from the outset that you are likely to have to “sell” the idea to said 6 year old who may not be particularly receptive to the idea of leaving cherished friends and teachers at their current school.

With this in mind we started looking at schools in our area, trying to apply some objective criteria to establish which one had everything we were looking for.  We evaluated all options and it became clear to us that Vinehall was the perfect fit.

Firstly we fell in love with the facilities. In particular the library, which sits at the heart of the students’ experience with their classrooms radiating from it so they are always drawn back to the books.  We loved the fact that there was technology everywhere that the students were encouraged to access.  We loved that on the particular Saturday morning that we happened to visit there were kids everywhere enjoying clubs and activities of all sorts from gardening to Latin and science to fishing. If I hadn’t known better I would swear it had been staged for our benefit – surely kids aren’t voluntarily so enthusiastic and happy?

Secondly we felt there was a strong emphasis on academics. Importantly this is not at the expense of anything else as the school clearly encourages interest and excellence in all areas and has the facilities to support them. However, this was important to us because, although we do want our daughter to embrace all her broad passions and interests such as sport, art, dance and gymnastics, it was critical that underpinning everything there was a solid academic foundation and that she was going to be stretched intellectually.

Finally we were looking for a home for our daughter to become a part of and from the minute we arrived Mr and Mrs Powis made it clear that Vinehall was going to be exactly that. The time and effort they offered to us and the clear vision for the school that they espoused made us comfortable immediately that we had found the right place. It felt like a home.

So, after all that we had the final test – the taster day. We prepared ourselves for the anticipated debate and campaign of persuasion that would be necessary at the end of the day to “seal the deal” so to speak.  Well all I can say is that we didn’t even make it to the car before our daughter started on and on (and on) about how amazing her day had been and how she was rather disappointed she couldn’t go back the next day!  As a parent that was all I needed to hear!