At Vinehall, we are acutely aware of the fact that there will be changes to how we work and live in the future and we always aim to evolve our approach to the curriculum.

From September 2021, we will be making a whole school commitment to sustainability, aiming to empower our children to consider the path they want to take and the future they want to create; there are some major challenges for them to contend with; however, our aim is to spark the change they wish to ignite.

Working with one of our celebrated alumni, Tim Smit of the Eden Project, and his highly recommended associate, Richard Dunne of the Harmony Project, we will work to raise an awareness of how to live more sustainably within the Vinehall community.

Projects to reduce energy consumption, to establish gardening, and to grow wild-flower meadows and an orchard near our bees are already advanced in their planning stages. We look forward to whole community participation.

Sustainability will be woven into our learning dispositions, reflecting a time when young people must understand the world in which they find themselves and develop the skills they need to take action from this place of understanding.

This is where education now needs to go and where Vinehall can take a lead.

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