Little Vines Nursery

W/E 15th November

This week in Nursery and Kindergarten the children have been little bookworms! We have loved reading some of Julia Donaldson’s books. The children in the Kindergarten class focussed their topic on ‘Room on the Broom.’  There was lots of magic being made, with magical potions and magical wands – watch out, watch out, the magic is about and you may be turned into a “Fishy Fish” or a “Sleeping Giant”!

The Nursery children chose to create their own Stick Men after reading ‘Stick Man.’  We all went off to the woods to collect sticks and the children created the most amazing Stick Men, with “Big bulgy eyes” and “ Fast running legs” and of course they all made their way back to their ‘Family Tree!’

We must say big congratulations to Savannah who completed a 500m run for Poppy Day. Fantastic running Savannah!

W/E 8th November

A big welcome back to everyone and a special welcome to Henry who joins us in the Kindergarten class, along with our very special Miss Bidwell.

What a busy week we have had: on Monday we were joined by Adam Stower, a children’s author from Brighton who has written some wonderful stories, one of which is called ‘Troll and the Oliver.’ Our very own Oliver was delighted with this and joined in with all his friends to create their very own Trolls!

We have celebrated the Divali Festival by making Diva lamps out of salt dough and cooking sweet potato and spinach dahl. All the children were just like Maisy Monkey who tries new things and tasted the dahl; some of them even had second helpings!

We were very lucky with the weather this week and had a super afternoon in the woods, where the children worked together to build bonfires with twigs and sticks and discovered all sorts of insects living underneath the logs!

What a wonderful start to the term!

W/E 18th October

Our last week of fun before the holidays!

Firstly, we celebrated Savannah’s birthday – she is three today, 18th October. She loved sitting on the very special ‘Birthday Chair’ at lunch time today.

We all went down to the woods on Tuesday and met up with Mrs Bennett and Year 1. All the children worked and played collaboratively together just like Billy Bee. The children used clay to create their own funny faces and creations onto the trees using natural materials from the woodland floor.

We have spent time programming our Duplo Coding Train. The children have been amazing at taking turns and are developing their understanding of how to operate the train.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful, restful and fun Half Term.

W/E 11th October

Firstly, thank you for all your contributions towards our Harvest Festival Assembly. The children were all so well behaved and it was so lovely to see so many Grandparents.

As usual our week has been filled with so much. The children created some ‘prickly hedgehogs’ using clay and hid them underneath all the autumn leaves.

Mrs B came to visit our Little Vines Doctor’s Surgery and the children prescribed the best medicine – ‘sunshine and cake!’

Our Little Vines chefs enjoyed creating banana, strawberry and orange smoothies and they used Mrs Greenhalgh’s super-fast blender to whizz up all the ingredients. We all squealed with excitement when we heard how loud and fast it was!

This week the children were introduced to the Bee Bots. They used their thinking skills to programme the Bee Bots and worked together just like Billy Bee to take turns.

W/E 4th October

I cannot quite believe we are still at the beginning of a new term! I say that because the Nursery children have settled so well and we are all so proud of them!

We have had such a busy week; Autumn has arrived and on Tuesday we went on our Woodland Adventures to collect all the beautiful Autumn leaves.

We have read the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and baked some delicious bread. The children were all very helpful – not like the animals in the story!

The Kindergarten children have been creating wonderful footprints using the dinosaurs feet and have enjoyed creating a hospital role play area. Please don’t worry about your children, as we now have so many ‘doctors and nurses’ to look after them all!

Finally, big congratulations to Mr and Mrs Chivers on the birth of baby Wynnie! We can’t wait to meet her.

W/E 27th September

The Nursery and Kindergarten children had their first experience of the year with Mrs Towner and the climbing apparatus! We were all amazed at how confident the children were and most of them climbed right to the top, just like Spiderman, as one of the children said!

They also made themselves into human triangles!

We have also be learning about our Pre-Prep Pals. The children have been just like ‘Terry Tortoise,’ trying new things and not giving up! Well done everyone!

Finally, we all wish a big Happy Birthday to Flynn who will be 3 on Sunday!

W/E 20th September

We have had a lovely week full of fun! The children have really enjoyed sharing their green and yellow items at circle time. We cut up Florence’s green courgette and added this to the delicious tomato soup that we made; all the children said it was ‘Yummy!’ We have put the recipe into their book bags so you can recreate this at home!

This week in the woods we used ‘Drum Sticks’ to create a marching band. The children marched all the way back to their classes, singing all the way!

The children have been brilliant at doing things for themselves and they are becoming very independent at putting on their outdoor clothes. Well done everybody!

W/E 13th September

The Little Vines Nursery have had an exciting week and we are all so very proud of all of our new children who have settled in so happily!

We went on a walk to the woods and on our way we collected some blackberries. We used these to dye some material and look what happened!  We also ate some; they were delicious!

Our vegetable garden has been blossoming over the summer months and we went to harvest some of the tomatoes. The children thought they smelled ‘delicious’ and we ate them for snack time!

We also had a first Gym lesson. Mrs Towner said that all the children were just so AMAZING and that’s exactly what we all think.

Our first week is done and we look forward to welcoming everyone back next week for more fun-filled adventures!

W/E 6th September

WOW, what an amazing start the children have had in our Little Vines Nursery! We welcome back both old and new families through our door. All of the children settled into their day so happily, choosing to explore the exciting activities on offer. The sun shone for us and we played outside in the garden, building dens, reading stories and climbing aboard the pirate ship to find the treasure! Lunch time was a true highlight, where everyone enjoyed the delicious lunch, sitting together with their new friends. The afternoon was packed full of sand and water play, as well as washing all the babies and writing lots of shopping lists (which of course included chocolate cake!) We ended the day with a picnic and story time outside…

Happy first days at Little Vines Nursery for everyone!

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