Little Vines Nursery

W/E 15th March

This week Nursery have been checking on their bean plants and seeing how high they have grown. Olivia-Grace brought in some frogspawn from her pond to show us, and all the children were fascinated. Kindergarten performed an ‘egg-speriment’ about the strength of eggs and have been avidly watching the ‘hair’ on their grass seed heads grow. Professor Arlo the robot came and spent a fun day with us!

W/E 8th March

Lawrence’s daddy brought in his huge John Deere tractor to show to the Nursery and Kindergarten children. They loved getting into the cab and ‘driving’ it and they all want to be farmers now! The children had great fun dressing up as their favourite book character for World Book Day – the costumes were amazing. Happy birthday 3rd Alice!

W/E 1st March

The Nursery children had so much fun in the woods this week. They used clay to create faces and Mrs Wolford read the story of The Three Bears. The children made a big bed and a little bed out of sticks and leaves.

We also planted beans and read the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk.

In Kindergarten we have been playing the phonics game with the letter ‘E’. We have also been making the most of the fantastic weather and have been out in our garden doing some weeding in the sunshine and planting two elderflower bushes that were kindly donated to us by Ben’s parents. We have also planted seeds to make a hairy head.

Happy Birthday to Zak and Ava who celebrate their birthdays this weekend!


W/E 15th February 

This week the Nursery have been celebrating Valentines Day! We made clay hearts and will be dancing away at the Valentines disco. We have also been looking forward to spring and weeding the garden in order to plant our seeds after the half term break. The children also had their gym lesson and were absolutely brilliant at throwing and catching the ball with Mrs Towner!

In Kindergarten we decorated Valentine’s Day biscuits for our parents and we also went on a treasure hunt to find the gold coins Captain Hook had hidden in our woods (this was suggested by Ben, who brought in his lovely new pirate toys!).

W/E 8th February

We had a fun week celebrating Chinese New Year, using chopsticks to eat (or knit!) noodles, making dragons and attempting some Chinese writing. We have also been caring for the baby dolls and gave them a bath as one of our themes has been ‘Ourselves’. We have also been learning about how important it is to recycle and we had a look at our new recycling bins in the Pre-Prep corridor.

W/E 1st February

In the Nursery we have had great fun building ‘The Smallest Snowman’ out in the playground!

Back in the classroom we have been creating faces using vegetables.


W/E 25th January

We have been down to the outdoor area this week and we found lots of holes made by moles and rabbits! To warm up we made delicious hot chocolate.

The children have also been learning how they have grown from being a baby and they brought in photos of when they were born and they so enjoyed sharing these wonderful pictures with their friends.

Well done to Jonty and Lawrence! They have both been put on Miss Bidwell’s Wall of Fame as they were very engaged and enthusiastic in all the different activities this week, asking and answering lots of questions.


W/E 18th January

We have been talking about winter and how things can freeze and thaw and the children each had a cup with a ‘surprise’ inside an ice cube; they had to find a place in the classroom to get it to melt. There was also a building session going on with the large Lego. We also thought about the birds in this cold weather and we made bird feeders with seeds and fat.

W/E 11th January

This week we braved the chilly weather and went on a winter walk to the woods where we learned all about fire safety.  We also had a great gym session and for a little musical entertainment the children had a go at playing tunes on a guitar!


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