Little Vines Nursery

W/E 17th May

The Year 1 children gave Nursery and Kindergarten their first lesson in coding using a special new Lego train set. They had great fun and are looking forward to their next lesson! Nursery children had a ‘jamming’ session in the woods using fantastic instruments they made themselves. Kindergarten children used the balance scales to weigh out ingredients for baking cup cakes, and enjoyed the finished product!

W/E 10th May

The Nursery and Kindergarten met Keith the groundsman at his workshop and he showed us some of the machinery that he uses to keep the school grounds looking so wonderful. The children have their own builders yard role play area in the classroom and would have loved to ‘borrow’ some of Keith’s drills and saws for it! Happy 4th birthday, Rufus, for this Sunday!

W/E 3rd May

The Nursery children visited Mrs Parkin and the Reception children to see their dinosaurs and the amazing Jurassic world they had created. The children told us lots of things that they had been learning about dinosaurs. We have also been on a walk in the woods to look at the beautiful bluebells.

Kindergarten went on a mini-beast hunt and we found lots of creepy crawlies! Back in the classroom we have been discovering different types of materials and discussing the difference between man-made and natural materials. We also used a big magnet to try and find out which objects were magnetic.

W/E 26th April

This week we went into the sports hall for our first ‘athletics’ lesson! We had lots of races and running around. The children were all very pleased to be back with their friends, with much discussion going on about who had the most chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny!
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