Huw Merriman, Member of Parliament for Bexhill and Battle, visited Vinehall on 4th October 2018 to talk to children in Years 5-8.  He explained the history of the UK’s political system since the 1300s.  He described his role in government and touched on the responsibilities of citizenship and democracy.  He discussed the campaign to lower the voting age to 16 years and other issues faced by young people, such as housing, transport costs and mental health provision.  Huw had previously supported Vinehall’s campaign to improve road safety on the A21 and explained the process of lobbying, showing photos of himself in the House of Commons or visiting local schools.

There was discussion about foreign policy and Huw’s involvement in the Socceraid charity in Africa.  Huw bravely invited pupils to join him in a lively debate on Brexit and encouraged them to weigh all arguments before making informed decisions.  Vinehall pupils in Years 7&8 have been studying Parliament and democracy; they were very astute in their questioning and debating skills and were fascinated by Huw’s description of life as a busy MP in government.