The PSHEE provision at Vinehall had grown so significantly over the last few years that ‘PSHEE’ no longer encapsulated all that we offer. Consequently, PSHEE at Vinehall has been superseded by a ‘Life Skills’ programme, to better reflect the breadth and character of the content the children are studying.  

Life Skills at Vinehall is a hugely important area of the curriculum, focused on embedding knowledge and skills that will enable pupils to flourish in the ‘real world’ once they have moved on from Vinehall. The content of the Life Skills programme ranges from global citizenship and financial literacy to religious understanding, mental and physical health and well-being and relationships and sex education. Our children are also taught how to navigate the online world safely and how to be critical thinkers when looking at online content.  

Great emphasis is given to PSHEE at Vinehall from Nursery through to Year 8; not just in the timetabled lessons, but in every area of school life. Helping the children to develop self-awareness and confidence is a vital part of the role of every adult at Vinehall School; everyone contributes to enable each child to develop to meet the social, emotional and academic challenges of school life. There is a continuity of values and expectations from Nursery to Year 8 so that pupils are helped to become independent and to learn responsible behaviour towards those in authority and towards each other.