15th October 2021

Year 3

Do people who do more weekly sports sessions have a bigger lung capacity?

3E continued their investigations by collecting data and plotting the results on a scatter graph.  Much shrieking and excitement was heard as the super Scientists watched the air displace the water in the bottle!  Thanks to Mrs Lomas for helping with the complexities of the apparatus!



3E Mathematicians worked like Billy Bee, helping check each other’s calculations. It was also a ‘clever day’ because they found more than two ways of working out how to solve a problem!



3E worked so well in their groups this morning, answering comprehension questions about Deforestation in their Humanities lesson. Well done, ghostly ghouls!


Carina Everist

Year 4

Y4 created ear defenders.  They made several pairs and decided which were the best. They were surprised at how good cotton wool was at blocking out sound.


8th October 2021


In Humanities, 3E made mini biomes (rainforest, tundra and desert) with Mrs Borrows. Each biome contains a desert plant, a tropical plant and an alpine plant. We shall see how the different plants respond to the different environmental conditions. Meanwhile, others were foraging in the De Beer gardens for a forest floor, understory and canopy. Armed with twigs, moss, leaves and more, they then created an imaginative Rainforest in a box (half-term activity?!), guided by Miss E.  Fantastic teamwork, 3E.

Investigating balance and muscles

3E have been investigating again in Science. This week linked to balance and the muscles used: they compared people who do the most gym and ballet with those people who do less in a week. Using data from last week too, they predicted, investigated, discussed their findings and presented their information in a bar chart. They discovered how important it is to think about the scale before beginning to draw their chart.

Harvest at the time of Jesus

The facial expressions 3E made when they were trying something new made Mrs E smile! Having discussed how similar the Harvest in Israel was to nowadays, the children were encouraged to taste a grape, an olive, a fig and a date. Those who tasted all four foods received a Maisie monkey disposition sticker for having a go; some children liked everything!

Harvest Festival

3E were excited to take their offerings down to the whole school Harvest Assembly, where the Year 8s were ready to collect everyone’s donations for Dom’s Food Mission in Hastings.

Roman Mosaics

Year 4 completed their Roman mosaics. I wonder if they could tell you four different ways we find out about the past?

The Year 4 Good Samaritans

In RS 4B enjoyed acting out the parable of The Good Samaritan. They worked collaboratively in two groups to retell the story. All the characters got into the swing of it, even the two donkeys!

Year 4 Harvest

Year 4 enjoyed seeing just how much their pumpkins had grown.

1st October 2021

Spells for Year 3

3E have been practising their weekly spelling words on white boards. Mrs E was happy with their focus!

Year 3 Predict

Having predicted and investigated in Science, Year 3 drew the conclusion that, on the whole, people in their class who did the most sports sessions per week had the strongest muscles. They collected data from counting ‘swap jumps’ and sport sessions, then plotted a class scatter graph showing their results.

Year 3 measures

In Maths 3E had fun measuring each other’s heights.  Then Miss E double-checked to show them how accurate they had been.  Some children were surprised when their original measurements did not match!  They recorded their heights in centimetres, converted them into metres and centimetres, before working independently in their Workbooks.

24th September 2021

Counting in fifties

3E have been counting in 5s and 50s in Maths; they counted bundles of 50 straws, made 50 with the Dienes blocks, laid out Numicon in 5s and began to see the relationship between counting in 5s and counting in 50s. Some children also ‘saw’ that just as two lots of five make ‘one ten’, so do two groups of fifty make ‘one hundred’.

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

Which is the longest bone in the human body?
Where in our body would you find a hinge joint? A ball and socket joint?
How many bones are there in a human skeleton?

These are some of the questions 3E have answered in Science this week. They also enjoyed making their own little skeletons which are now ‘dancing in the De Beer’!

All Around the World

Continuing with the theme of ‘Around the World’ in Humanities, 3E plotted the average temperature of the same month (August) for each labelled country on their world map. Next week they will discuss any patterns they have noticed and the relationship between certain countries and continents. Fabulous teamwork, just like Billy Bee!

Form Shield

3E won the Junior Form Shield and were rewarded with Golden Time on Friday!

Sound Travel

Year 4 have been learning about how sound travels. They watched the sound waves in water, using tuning folks; they also made string telephones and investigated how well they worked in different situations.

Junior Rug Club

The children showed great resilience in rug club.  It is very fiddly until you get the hang of it.  Last week only one or two managed it.  This week they all succeeded!

10th September 2021

Year 3 – Diet Riot

This was a fun and lively introduction to 3E’s Science topic of the term – Animals including Humans. Much collaboration in their new Houses was evident as the children decided which animals were carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Volcano Exploration

The Juniors had a real treat on Wednesday morning when Ken Brooks, a local geologist and retired teacher, came to give them a presentation on volcanoes. This is linked to their new Humanities lessons. The children were fascinated as he showed them slides of pyroclastic flow and erupting volcanoes, before they all had a chance to handle different rocks. These included pumice, basalt, granite and obsidian. Year 4 know Ken because they spent the day fossil hunting with him on Pett beach last term. We all loved hearing about Popocatepetl and Vesuvius. Thank you, Mr Brooks!

Carina Everist

Year 4 Colour Theory

The Year 4 pupils dipped their brushes into colour theory.  We looked at the symbolism behind colour, discussed the importance of colour in our world and were inspired by the art of Sonia Delauney.

The task was to work in primary colours only and to resist the temptation to mix the paint. The pupils revisited the fundamental rules of being organised by keeping a tidy work area, refreshing the water pots and looking after their brushes. By the end of the lesson, there was evidence of effective compositions, use of scale and brush control.

Tracey Konyu

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