18th March 2022

Year 3
Year 3 had fun exploring the way magnets behave towards each other in Science today. There were six different activities to choose from; they worked well in pairs, discovering how and when magnets attract and repel.

Always keen for role plays, Year 4 acted out the story of Jacob and Esau this week. They collaborated so well in their groups and hopefully will remember the story of how Esau traded his father’s blessing for a meal!

Year 4

4B Maths have learnt about tenths and hundreds this week. They have been brilliant, we used the denes to represent wholes, tenths and hundredths.

Today, the children created circuits using switches to test which materials were insulators and which ones were conductors.

11th March 2022

Year 3 
Year 3 had a visit from Mr Brookes, a local expert on Ancient Egypt, and were fascinated as they learnt about everyday life, farming and families. They asked interesting questions, just like Cassie Cat and loved handling different artefacts after the illustrated talk.


Year 4
Y4 have started a new unit of work on Electricity. They started off playing some games and then built their own circuit with the supplied electrical equipment. They had to investigate to work out what makes the bulb light up. They also talked about the dangers of electricity.

Year 5
We made a mess in science again today but managed to separate paperclips, rocks, gravel, sand and salt. I wonder if the 5L could tell you how they did it?

4th March 2022

Our pupils got into the spirit of celebrating 25 years of World Book Day, by dressing up as their favourite book characters.


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