W/E 21st September

With the theme of the week encouraging the children to ‘Be Inquisitive’ both in and outside the classroom, there seemed more opportunity for excitement and curiosity than ever over the past few days.   From river walks to tricky opponents; art trips to travelling book fairs; maths challenges to swimming galas. There was even plenty for the parents…with reading talks and academic developments.  Something for all in the diary which has kept the community engaged and together.

W/E 14th September

Despite being an extremely difficult week for the Vinehall community outside, nothing has changed in the busy and diverse lives of your children here.  I know that what you read in this week’s Vinelines will come as a welcome distraction and help to bring us all back to focussing on what we do so well; putting the children’s happiness at the centre of all that we do. They are our purpose and they are our inspiration.

W/E 7th September

The blend of excitement and apprehension on a first day of a school year will ever inspire.  Such high emotions, insatiable energies and unifying camaraderie.  The children’s return has been a sensation and I know that once the apprehension has settled, the excitement will prevail, allowing for limitless opportunities to be seized.

Whilst the children are listing what is new to them this 80th Vinehall year, I have urged them to approach such change with an open mind, a ‘have a go’ attitude and an awareness of how they can support others who find new starts more challenging.  Pro alis optimum agere is a timeless message and very much still at the heart of all that we stand for 80 years on.