The aim of the English Department is twofold: there is the academic goal of supporting the pupils to achieve their potential in senior school entrance and scholarship exams and there is the commitment of all English teachers to develop the children so that they become articulate and well-read, with vivid imaginations and the ability to appreciate and manipulate language and texts, both orally and on paper. 

To achieve this aim Vinehall School is in the enviable position of being able to mix modern learning theories and teaching practice with more traditional elements to produce enjoyable lessons that both stimulate the pupils and further their learning. In all year groups learning is based around class readers and themes, reading being at the very core of what we do. Lessons take texts as their starting point and then focus on the technicalities of the language, on analysing texts, with both poetry and prose comprehension exercises, as well as on creative responses in poetry, prose and drama. 

Pupils have four hours of English lessons and half an hour of prep a week. Through these we ensure that all pupils encounter and try out for themselves a wide range of different ways of writing, and introduce them to a broad variety of texts, both classic and modern, as well as culture in a much wider sense, cross-curricular links being especially important. Throughout their school life pupils are encouraged to read, as well as to share their reading with others. 

If, by the end of their time at Vinehall, we will have managed to light at least a spark in each pupil, to engender a love for English, the language and the literature, or to nurture creativity, we will have succeeded.