Boarding Life at Vinehall

13th September 2019

I am pleased to report that we have a very happy boarding house, as everyone has settled in really well.

I have appointed four boarders to a new committee – Izzie, Azilis, Nono and Curtis.  The committee will represent the rest of the boarders, help with activities and put forward ideas and suggestions; they will look after our younger boarders, undertake duties and be generally helpful around the house.  I am certain they will rise to the challenge!

We spent last Saturday at Rye Windsurfing Centre; although the weather wasn’t that great, the children had a wonderful time.  They all had a go at sailing, windsurfing and paddle boarding.  We were very well looked after by Richard Sawyer (Vine 2014), and his mother Jenny cooked our delicious BBQ lunch.

Once back at school we had supper and opened our tuck shop, to the delight of our new friends!  Then everyone settled down to a film.

Sunday was very relaxed.  After a PJ breakfast and Chapel, the children pretty much chose what they wanted to do.  This was a mix of cycling, football, chilling in Hurricanes and a new game that Azilis taught the girls (not sure if it had a name!)

We are looking forward to another busy but relaxing and enjoyable weekend ahead.

6th September 2019

We had a steady flow of boarders returning from Wednesday from around 2pm through to Thursday afternoon.  It is lovely to welcome new and old boarders back into our extended family.  Within a few hours I could see new friendships blossoming.

We have been joined by Poppy, Eleanore, Marina, Isabela, Changi, David, Gustave, Umi, Iciar, Joshua and Jemina.

We had our supper around a large table in the Boardroom as a treat and Chef joined us to ask the children what their favourite meals are – he wants to plan a menu to suit their tastes.

The boys are very lucky to have a new state of the art washroom with masses of showers and very trendy Dyson hand dryers!

It’s lovely that the sun is shining still and the boarders can play outside after school.  The bikes are still very popular *

We’ve got a lovely day planned for Saturday at Rye Watersports – windsurfing, sailing, paddle boarding, BBQ lunch; and fingers crossed the weather holds.

More news and pictures next week.

*Any unwanted bikes, (even if they are in need of attention/servicing) would be very gratefully received! Please clear your garages…!


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