Boarding Life at Vinehall

8th March 2019 

The children loved last weekend’s outing so much that they have requested we do it again next term!

We had a peaceful Saturday with our usual favourites: astro, sports hall, movie and tuck shop.

On Sunday Mr Powis took Isabel T to The Conquest hospital to entertain patients and visitors with her amazing musical talents.  We had planned to walk around the grounds appreciating God’s creations but the heavens opened and it poured with rain, so I thought I’d spare the children a soaking wet walk!

We did prep and music practice, then games in the sports hall.  After lunch we headed off to Hastings for Battlezone.  Battlezone is an outside battlefield where the children run around with laser guns.  The weather still wasn’t great but the children loved their two hours of fun.  We then walked along a very windy seafront to Eatto, a Chinese restaurant where the children could eat all they can and they DID!!  They loved it, although there were a few tummy aches on the way back to school!

Now I’m planning the children’s travel for another exeat; they seem to come round so quickly but we’re not complaining!