Boarding Life at Vinehall

21st September 2018

Last weekend the weather was perfect for all our outdoor activities.  Saturday was spent playing football, table tennis, swinging on the zip wire and riding bicycles.  We had a new order of tuck for our shop which the children enjoyed after supper.  Mr Coles and Miss VT took some of our children to Catholic Mass in Battle.  The house then settled down to watch a movie.

On Sunday everyone enjoyed a nice long lie-in and a cooked breakfast was devoured at 9am.  Will read very well in Chapel and Mr Powis talked the children about being kind and considerate to each other.

After lunch we set off for Bedgbury Pinetum where we split into 3 groups; 2 cycling and 1 walking.  I took the walkers off with Miss VT and Woody,  and they played on the adventure play things around the forest.  The cyclists had a great time too.  We all met up at the visitors’ centre and had ice creams before heading back to school.

Kayden celebrated his 13th birthday on Tuesday with cake and treats.

It’s been a very busy start to the new term and staff and children are quite tired and looking forward to the exeat.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend – I know I will!

14th September 2018 

We have had a very busy first full week in the boarding house.  I forget how much there is to learn for our new boys and girls but they all seem to get it relatively quickly!

Our first weekend was spent largely outside.   On Saturday the children played in the grounds, enjoying the zip wire, football pitches, ping pong table and bikes.  After supper we opened the tuck shop and the children settled down to watch a film in Hurricanes and a football match downstairs.

On Sunday we had an early PJ breakfast then set off to Groombridge where the children learned to rock climb.  We had three excellent instructors and the children all had a lot of fun.  It was lovely to see the children scale very sheer rock faces; sometimes they thought they couldn’t do it but, with encouragement from their friends, they managed to get to the top.

Some of the children wanted to try and climb all the rocks and would have carried on climbing all day if we hadn’t dragged them away.  The sense of achievement is quite addictive.

Rather dirty and totally exhausted we shipped them all back to school for a lovely hot lasagne, showers and bed!

7th September 2018 Vinehall welcomes its new boarders

Another record-breaking start to the Michaelmas term, with 33 full boarders in the house!

We welcomed back Isabel dl L and Azilis dl T.  We also have siblings of ex boarders Lucas A, Jacobo C and Miguel F.  The other new boarders joining our happy house are Thomas C, David J, Eugenia D M, Eugenia G, Mariana D, Jeffrey H, Helen T, Clovis T, Rafael T, Kayden W and Jason X.

Their first supper, which is usually a quiet affair, was very buzzy with lots of excited chatter!  We spent the first evening showing the children where everything is, such as fire escapes, Sister Kate and her dispensary, how to find an adult at night etc to ensure they all felt happy and safe.

The excited chatter carried on a bit after lights out, but they soon nodded off.  Everyone looked so smart on the first morning in their new uniform, though we had to give a few lessons on how to tie ties!

The weekend ahead will be a mixture of relaxing at school and exploring the grounds and fantastic facilities on Saturday.  Then on Sunday we are going rock-climbing in Tunbridge Wells; we did this last year and it is a great team-building activity and also very challenging.