Boarding Life at Vinehall

18th January 2019 

Our first weekend back was lovely.

On Friday night there was a swim, Wii dance or floodlit Astro on offer – something for everyone!

The children enjoyed roller blading for a few hours in Eastbourne on Saturday afternoon.  Once back at school we had supper and then introduced the tuck shop to our new gappers, who though it was ‘really cool’.  They enjoyed being shopkeepers and helping the children with their maths by adding up the sweets they’d bought.

On Sunday, after a much-needed lie-in, we went to chapel where Will read very well and Mr Powis centred his service on the three kings; the boarder who found silver under his seat was duly crowned king for the day.  This happened to be our reader, Will, who was given the chance to choose the boarders’ activities for the rest of the day.

Will was a very popular king as he chose football on the astro, followed by an hour of gaming, followed by tea and movie.

We taught the lucky gappers how to do nit checks on Sunday night so now their induction is almost complete!

11th January 2019 

Mr Coles and I collected our new Gappers Mr Daly, Mr Ryan, Miss Buckley and Miss Grundy, very early one morning last week. The poor things were shattered and couldn’t keep their eyes open on the way home, despite us both talking non-stop to them! They were then duly wined and dined by Mr Gregory, Mr Powis, Mr Borrows, Sister Kate and Mrs Payne over the week and have all now settled in very well and look very smart in their new boarders’ hoodies.

We have one new full boarder this term – Alex – who seems very at home already. We also have three converts to weekly boarding – Henry, Connie and Sam – so the boarding house continues to thrive.

Our lovely new matron Nicola has found her feet and is whipping everyone into shape! Mrs Barrett will do her first nights next week and I expect all the children to behave impeccably for her!

The children (and staff) will all be tired this weekend so we are having a fairly quiet one – just an afternoon roller skating on Saturday, then a lazy Sunday after Chapel.


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