To quote Picasso, ‘Every child is an artist’. It is our aim to facilitate opportunities whereby each and every pupil can unearth their own creative potential. By experimenting, making mistakes and taking on an array of challenges, we help to build a child’s resilience using art and design as a tool. 

In the Art Department, we do not always take the easy route and accept the status quo. ‘Creativity takes courage’ as Henri Matisse stated. We question, analyse and communicate our ideas through visual expression. Our pupils should feel free to express their opinions and justify them. 

Those who study Art at Vinehall will know that this subject reaches across all the subjects. For example, by learning to accurately document the anatomy of an insect through observational drawing. Or perhaps reaching certain realms of History by creating stencils based on symbols associated with Thomas Beckett. 

‘I can’t draw’ is a common misgiving. Coming back full circle to Picasso, ‘To draw you must close your eyes and sing’. It is our aim to create an environment which is both accessible and one which allows a child to gain confidence. To be ‘good at drawing’ is one of many ways into art and design but certainly not the only option. Having the ability to communicate your ideas and to then realise them is a useful life skill for any child or adult. 

Art is not just about being a good artist. It is a lot more than that. It is about seeing the world and making sense of it. It is about understanding who you are and what you want to be.