We offer 11+ scholarships across the different disciplines of school life to those pupils who show both high levels of interest and potential.  Awards are offered to pupils who, in our view, we feel are likely candidates for a similar award as they move into their senior school at 13+. 11+ scholarships are offered in Academics, Sport, Drama, Music and Art.

A limited number of scholarships are being offered to pupils who are currently in Year 6. These scholarships are for children who are looking to apply for similar scholarships to their chosen senior schools.  Children applying for these scholarships are expected to be working at a high level in their field. The benchmark for awarding scholarships will be senior schools’ expectations of potential scholars at 13+.  Pupils’ general conduct and approach to school life will also be an important factor in the decision-making process.

– The deadline for entry for scholarships is Friday 18th February 2022.– Pupils who are offered a scholarship will be informed by the end of the Easter term 2022.– The scholarship assessments will take place on Tuesday 1st March 2022.

Pupils may apply for a maximum of two scholarships.  If a pupil were to win two awards, one would be honorary.


Bursaries are available for entry from Year 3.  To find out more about bursaries please contact our Bursar at bursar@vinehallschool.com.