Scholarships are available for children applying for entry in to Year 3 upwards in Academic subjects, Sport, Art, Music and Drama/Performing Arts. Children can be assessed in a maximum of two practical subjects.

Scholarships are non means tested and are worth 10% of the basic school fees.  Scholarships can be augmented by means-tested bursary support. Additional information can be obtained, in confidence, from the Bursar at

Scholarship candidates are assessed in their chosen area by means of a practical assessment with the relevant school department.  All candidates are also required to complete written papers, comprising verbal reasoning, maths, reading (comprehension) and creative writing. For those applying for a scholarship in sport, art, music and drama/performing arts, these papers are required to assess the level of a candidate against other children in the appropriate school year.  They are not used as the deciding factor when scholarships are offered.

Further information can be obtained from our admissions department on or on 01580 883090.  Full details and an application form can be downloaded below.

To read our Deputy Head Paul Borrows’ article on scholarships, please click here.


Bursaries (are subject to a home visit, are means tested and reviewed annually) are available for entry from Year 4. To find our more about bursaries please contact our Bursar at