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Academic Innovation:

At Vinehall, we are looking to build on our high academic standards by embracing an outward-looking, forward-thinking programme of study that will fully prepare our pupils for the twenty-first century world that awaits them when they leave us.  Our principal focus is to continue to be innovative in our approach to teaching and learning.

We have already begun the process of bringing innovation and change to our curriculum. Since September, STEM has been taught as a curriculum subject in Year 5. The focus of the STEM programme is encouraging the children to ‘think like an engineer’:  we want to offer our pupils the opportunity to develop practical problem-solving skills, and to encourage them to reflect upon and improve their ideas.   

In recent years, the PSHE provision at Vinehall has grown significantly, to the extent that ‘PSHE’ no longer encapsulates all that we offer.  Consequently, PSHE at Vinehall has been superseded by a ‘Life Skills’ programme, to better reflect the breadth and character of the content the children are studying.  We feel this is a hugely important area of the curriculum, focused on embedding knowledge and skills that will enable pupils to flourish in the ‘real world’ once they have moved on from Vinehall.  The content of the Life Skills programme ranges from global citizenship and financial literacy to religious understanding and mental and physical health and well-being.  

The next phase of changes will see Vinehall move away from the Common Entrance humanities syllabuses. Click here to find out more.