W/E 24th May 2019 


Both Year 8 sets have been mixing in together recently: those post-exam pupils sometimes helping those pre-CE, for whom the focus really is sharpening. They are preparing sensibly and well; let’s hope they get what they deserve..! Oliver S, Melisa A and Betty M have also carried the torch for learning for its own sake and are happily translating the rest of their stories about Troy and Odysseus.

All others are enjoying the exam season..!


Year 8 are doing their final revision for the CE exams this week. My group have been given two papers to incorporate into their holiday revision this half-term, with the instruction to spend a fixed one hour on each and then mark. Any topics shown by these papers needing revision can be studied using mathwatchvle.com. years 5, 6 and 7 have worked hard this week on their exams and l wish them a relaxed holiday this week.

Potato Data!

Year 3 have been using tallies and bar charts this week – today they weighed a potato each and then presented the data in a bar chart with one square representing 25 grams.

RS: If Year 3 could perform miracles they would!

Year 3 have been thinking about the global community in RS. Following on from learning about some of the miracles from the bible that Christians believe Jesus performed, they thought of how they would like to make the world a happier place if they could be miracle makers too.

Learnig Journey 

More fun with fossils this week … more 


In preparation for this week’s exams and ahead of the Year 8 CE week, our young historians have been ‘speed dating’ with Miss Bridges! Learners were coupled up and given a topic to discuss, identifying areas of strengths and those that should be revised in more detail. Charlie P and Lucy B were particularly popular dates, as their knowledge was strong and they asked plenty of questions, too! Good luck to all this week and after half term!


Year 4 have been looking at anthropomorphism in Fantastic Mr Fox and have now started to write their own stories (to include an animal).

Most of the children love writing stories but handy tips and tricks are always useful.

This week, we have been planning our story-writing by thinking about WHAT is going to happen; WHO is the main character in the story; WHERE it is set and WHEN (time, season, century) it takes place.

Teaching the Year 4s is always a joy. Here is a snippet from the start of our English class:

Me: How many of you like writing stories?

4P: [Almost all put up their hands]

Me: And what is it about writing stories that you enjoy?

Milo: I love it because you can use your imagination and go to all sorts of exciting places!

Me: Exactly, Milo!

Lovely to see such enthusiasm for writing from Year 4 pupils! Long may it continue.

CW, Year 7, arguing against having school on a Saturday morning. What a very practical and logical young lady! Love the last comment in this extract from her exam essay!

Good morning everyone, I have written this speech about whether or not we should have school on Saturday mornings.

So one argument is that we should have school on Saturday mornings.  This means parents would be able to get rid of their children in the mornings, so they would be able to have a care-free Saturday morning. Also it would be beneficial for the children and they would not lose everything that they learned on Friday over the weekend. The school would also earn more money from the extra day and the money could go towards the school making the school a happier place for the children.

On the other hand, some people think that we should just keep it the same and have no Saturday morning school because really who wants to go to school on a Saturday – I don’t! (I would miss out on four whole hours of trampolining!)

Having school on Saturdays means that the school would have to pay the teachers and cooking staff to stay in another day and pay for the petrol for the minibuses to go and collect people.  So even though the families would have to pay more to go to school it won’t be nearly as much as what the school have to pay for us to have a meal and be taught by the teachers and be driven backward and forward to Vinehall or whatever school you go to.  Also, the students would only get a day off to do all of their homework so it would not be to the best of their ability.  Therefor the children will not be happy with their work.

Just think about the poor teachers…they already have to put up with the students for a whole week. Think of what another day is going to do to them!


Year 4 have made models of their teeth with modelling clay.  Is was a bit of a fiddle, but some look very good and I hope they all know the names and uses of their teeth.

In Learning Journey they are making booklets to show what life was like in Roman Britain and they have been using OS maps to learn about grid references.  Some children are working with six-figure grid references, which is very tricky.

In maths they have been working on Roman numerals, properties of shapes and learning about triangles.  I wonder if they can remember how to spell isosceles? Ask them!