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W/E 18th January 2019

English – Year 4 have been having fun drawing dragon pictures and thinking up alliterative names inspired by our reading of “How to Train your Dragon” by Cressida Cowell. My favourite dragon name so far is one created by Sophia D: “Fiona the Furious”!

Science – This week in science Year 8 have been studying the displacement reactions of metals and the reactivity series. Year 7 have been consolidating work on the particulate theory of matter and its consequences for the behaviour of materials. Year 6 have been extending their study of forces by considering the phenomenon of floating and sinking.

Year 3 set up a fair test in science, to try to find out how different surfaces affected the amount of force a toy vehicle needed to move. They had some interesting predictions and results.

History –

Year 6 Explorers!

Year 6 will be studying the theme of ‘Exploration’ in History lessons this term and they had the opportunity to explore the school grounds this week whilst taking part in an orienteering activity. It didn’t take long for the children to recognise quite how big our school grounds are, with one learner calling ‘I didn’t know we had so many hills here’ as they ran to find their next flag. Once a checkpoint was found, teams had to stamp their card, run back up the hill and answer a historical question in order to receive the next checkpoint location. Overall, a thoroughly good time was had by all, with lots of exercise, fresh air and exploration on a beautifully crisp winter’s day!

Year 7 decide who has the X Factor

Year 7 have just started looking at the Norman Conquest and they are analysing which person had the best claim to the throne in 1066. Learners acted as judges and had to represent their contestants at a live studio final, and 7CB’s Dermot O’Leary was played by Arty L who had a blast presenting the show! All three Year 7 classes decided on a different winner, though they soon found out that Harold Godwinson won the real thing. Year 7 fully embraced this activity and I am excited to explore what happened next over the coming weeks!


Year 5 have begun to learn about Buddhism in RS and Mrs Everist brought in her Himalayan singing bowl to play them.  Clearing the mind is challenging!


W/E 11th January 2019

Bonne Année 2019!

French Department updates for the first week back at school

In Pre-Prep we began the year by tasting some “galette des Rois”, a sweet flaky pastry filled with “pommes” to celebrate the visit of the Three Kings at Epiphany. Pupils in each class learned how to say “Je voudrais de la galette, s’il vous plaît”, “merci” and “mmmm, c’est bon!” They took it in turns to wear the “couronne” (crown) and eagerly looked out for the “fève” (charm).

We were able to share another galette in the Prep School, this time filled with “frangipane”, and this linked well with the Year 6 topic this term of “Au Restaurant” and food and drink.

Year 8 are focusing on “chez le médecin” and “les maladies” and we have started with revision of “le corps”. Year 7 will be learning how to describe where they live, their families, homes and towns/villages. Year 5 are extending their ability to describe themselves using different adjectives and Year 4 are revising parts of the body through songs before learning clothes

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