Academic News

W/E 15th March 2019


Some of Year 7 took their classroom learning out into our grounds to recreate the Battle of Hastings – for the full story click here

Year 8 have been studying The Black Death, which swept across the world in the 14th century. Feel free to ask them about the symptoms, considered causes and methods of curing the disease – unless you’re squeamish!

Sensational Scarabs

Back in Ancient Egypt the scarab beetle was very important.  Year 3 loved creating their own designs as part of their Learning Journey this week.  They were reflective as they experimented with the water colours, producing some imaginative work that I know will make Mrs Konyu happy when she sees them at their next art lesson!

Julius Caesar and his fleet invade the De Beer!

Year 4 proved to be great thespians as they acted out the story of the Roman invasion under Julius Caesar. This bodes well for their play coming up soon! Both Mrs Ford and Mrs E thoroughly enjoyed this lesson in Learning Journey.  In case you need clarification while viewing the photos (!), some were rowing in a Roman galley, some were Celts on the cliff top or settlement and some were narrators.

Life Skills

Benenden Bugs Morning.

On Wednesday two lovely ladies from Benenden Hospital came into school to meet with Year 4 and Year 2 and give them fantastic workshops about how bugs spread.  The children were introduced to a ‘snot’ gun which demonstrated how far the germs in a sneeze can travel.  They then rubbed a special ‘germ’ soap into their hands, shook hands with each other and opened doors and windows.  Under UV light they could see how their ‘germs’ were spread to other places all across the room.  The children were amazed by how easy it was to spread their germs. They were then taught how to wash their hands properly which meant scrubbing whilst singing Happy Birthday – twice!

Thank you very much to Lesley and Heather from Benenden Hospital!


Pupils from Years 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 submitted their creative writing to the BBC 500 word competition at the end of last week – some of them working right up to the deadline to make sure their work was perfect! This week pupils have been reading each other’s stories and trying to second-guess the judges’ thoughts.  Good luck to all those who have entered stories!


Year 7 Maths have been learning Ratio and Proportion in Maths this week and getting ready for Easter by answering questions such as:
There are 30 chocolates in a box. The ratio of dark chocolates to milk chocolates is 2:3.  If I eat all the dark chocolates, how many have I eaten?
Time flies when you are having fun in Year 3

In Maths this week the children have used stop watches to experience a real ‘minute’ in time.  Lots of them told stories of adults often saying: ‘Just a minute’ or ‘Wait a minute’!  Great partner work from all – well done!  Mrs E and Mrs H were very impressed with those children who are trying really hard to improve telling the time and want to say: keep practising!


Year 5 are learning the verb sum – I am; Year 6 are learning about infinitives and principal parts; some of Year 7 are learning about the agreement of adjectives with their nouns – all good, universal linguistic principles.

7PB are learning third declension nouns and how Zeus tries not to antagonise his wife Hera by referring the judgement of which of the three goddesses was the most beautiful to an innocent shepherd, Paris.

8V are enjoying participles and pronouns, in this case relative, in the form of the continuing adventures of Odysseus.

Most pupils are finding out why Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, had to rebel against Roman rule during the governorship of Suetonius Paulinus, and how he brutally crushed the uprising – but only just.


Year 6 have been making microscope slides.