Ethos and Aims

At Vinehall, we foster a positive attitude to life, encouraging a ‘have-a-go’ attitude. We want the children to be happy, to develop a sense of self; to contribute to their community and also the wider world. At Vinehall, children will experience a broad range of subjects and activities and should come to know what they enjoy and what they are good at, at the same time as appreciating the strengths of others. We celebrate all kinds of success and children can reach outstandingly high standards in music, drama, art, sports and academic areas.

At the same time, our ethos is intended to be inclusive. All children are expected to play in matches for the school and participate in plays and most learn at least one instrument. We hope that all children will pursue an area of special interest at school. As the children move through Vinehall, they become more independent in preparation for their next school and we want to help the children to organise their own learning. Boarding can be an important part of each child’s personal development and the children usually appreciate the great benefits of boarding, especially in encouraging social development.

While the ethos is grounded in Christianity, we actively welcome children of all faiths. The main charitable focus is the Rwanda Mission and thousands of pounds are raised each year for a variety of charitable causes.

Our aim is to provide a traditional Prep school education in a modern setting. People are the most important factor in a child’s education and Vinehall’s teachers and support staff work together to try to ensure the best possible provision for every child. From lessons to sport to the creative arts we want our children to benefit from the best there is. We are happy for our staff to be creative and use their own style, so long as they uphold the school’s ethos and carry out all tasks appropriately.

 As a School we aim to:

Provide an excellent all-round education both academically and through an impressive range of extra-curricular activities. There are opportunities for all and those who are especially talented can reach the highest levels of attainment. Develop in each child independence, commitment and enthusiasm. Foster a spirit of mutual respect and kindness and encourage everyone to do their best for the community. Encourage every child to participate fully in life and to learn about themselves and their place in the world.

Vinehall Pupils

A Vinehall child is a happy, busy and confident young person who communicates effectively with others. He or she understands the importance of teamwork in a community. At the end of their time at Vinehall, the children are thoroughly prepared for the next stage of their lives. They are active, positive young people with a range of interests. Vines are well-educated in a broad sense. The start that they have had at Vinehall academically, in the creative arts, through sports and in terms of confidence and personal development puts them in a strong position for future success in whatever terms suit them as an individual.

The school motto is ‘pro aliis optimum agere‘ ‘to do our best for the benefit of others’