On Tuesday evening the Chaplin Theatre was overrun with outlaws as our fabulous Years 3&4 entertained their parents and friends with their wonderful version of the ‘Robin Hood’ story, ‘Hoodwinked’. Harvey P was brilliant as our thigh-slapping hero in green, saving the poor folk of Nottingham from the evil Sheriff, Jamie M, and his hapless Deputy, Amelia A who was hilarious in this and her Friar Nosh role. The beautiful Lady Marion was played with great charm by Rosie A and her little gaggle of lovely assistants were Lucie B, Olivia C, Margot C (also transforming seamlessly into Friar Guzzle) and Rhiain E. Alexander J was an impressive Leader of Men and a Richard the Lionheart of power and charisma. The rest of the Merries were the wonderful Elliott C, Seren K, Charlie C and Charlie E (who had to keep changing parts). Harriet R had the hugely difficult and important part of the Minstrel, making sure the audience had a vague idea of what was going on and keeping the story going in verse. With some absences at short notice, some of our little Year 3s had to step up and take on the Villager roles. Traditionally only providing a chorus, this year they were promoted to Lumberjacks, Little Friars, Taxi Drivers, Jesters, Sad Animals and Archers and they were simply fabulous. My particular thanks to Betsy S and Niobe G for learning a clutch of additional lines overnight.
I am enormously grateful to a wonderful group of parents who helped with this production, finding and making costumes and collecting props – Kate Ashby, Rosie Cooke, Laura Chivers, Hannah Dwyer, Emily Leslie, Nina Mahaffey, Sue Redstone, Sam Morton and Laura Percy-White. I offer thanks to the incredible Tom Moore, who does the lighting brilliantly on exactly one rehearsal, and Keith Cruttenden our Groundsman for creating such a lovely Sherwood Forest with Ollie Dorman. However, my biggest thanks, as always, go to the amazing Kate Hunt without whom I just don’t think I would be able to function! It is she who keeps me calm, works into the small hours making habits or painting signs and marshals the troops through the ever-buzzing Whatsapp group. This year she was very ably assisted by the long-suffering Elizabeth. I am hoping Elizabeth will still be at Vinehall when she is 25 so that I don’t have to lose my trusty support.
Mary Alderson