As we return to precovid times, it has been wonderful to see and hear the children making music together again.  Vinehall children have a tradition of hearty hymn singing which is frequently commented upon, and envied, by many Directors of Music from other schools.  Hymn practice occurs every Friday morning, and despite a long gap in their singing, none of the magic has been lost.
We have enjoyed playing together in instrumental ensembles and the annual Eastbourne College Jazz Day, not held since 2019, saw our instrumentalists working with several other prep schools to produce an afternoon concert of jazz and blues numbers. Years 3 and 4 have entertained us with a swashbuckling performance of Robin Hood and beautiful, sweet singing led by Maid Marion (Rosie A) and her ladies.
At a time when we have not been able to make music together, it is wonderful to see, once again, the social and emotional benefits that strong musical traditions bring to school life.
Sue Glossop
Director of Music